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    Las Vegas Build - It's like butter

    I believe so... fairly close... welcome to, but sooner is better... if you have to order this it can take a few weeks to get. - - - Updated - - - Thank you!!
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    Las Vegas Build - It's like butter

    Natural seems to come to mind.. but no specific memory as to what it is.
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    Las Vegas Build - It's like butter

    Thank you! and Yep! You still have to try and match if you have other similar... I had to go to three places to get the correct version. - - - Updated - - - Thank you !
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    Las Vegas Build - It's like butter

    Just an update... anyone building a pool in Vegas wants to come by and take a look at the pool and setup is more than welcome.. just message me.. A few current pictures as my landscaping is starting to grow in... and the coral decking is beginning to age nicely... and works as advertised.. 100...
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    OB in VEGAS - Another one!!!! :)

    Some more Vegas input... your 12 in deep tanning shelf.. in order to have it 12 inch deep, you will need a step down as well, total from top of deck to bottom is a maximum of 12 inch without a step... FYI.. mine ended up being about 7-8 inches deep (top of water to bottom, because I didn't...
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    My OB in Vegas!

    Your pool came out great! Nice choices! perfect pool weather now too..
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    New build in Vegas

    Your pool came out great! Congrats! I bet the solar heating will heat it up very quickly now... I have a solar cover and my pool is at 84 already..
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    New to me SWG Pool

    1. once you obtain a salt level, you should never have to add salt, unless you drain out water and refill with fresh and even then only to the extent you replaced the salt water with the fresh. Evaporation and refilling does not affect the salt level (when evaporation occurs the salt content...
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    New borate drop test at piscines-apollo vs. test strip

    How do you dechlorinate the water?
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    Low Pool Water Temp - PH Level

    Okay.. thank you... perfect... and yes negative CSI
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    Low Pool Water Temp - PH Level

    FYI - My water temps in my pool have dropped low enough that the IC60 is not working, so I am manually adding bleach during the winter.. My question though is PH level related to water temp. I have been keeping my PH right around 7.6... But mainly due to the temp of the water (41F to 43F)...
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    New OB Peoria AZ

    If you know who your excavator is, ask them about rebar. Or talk to your gunite person (they want a good rebar person, because they typically guarantee their shell for life or just short thereof)... either of those subs usually know the good rebar guys. I had several to choose from that way...
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    And Yet Another New Build From Texas

    I am not sure your budget, but that design looks ripe for a negative edge on the back of the pool...
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    Pros/Cons of Building Yourself?

    What has already said here is really what its all about. The key to being your own builder is that you can control and change anything you want during the entire process. Also, you will find out that the little extras that a PB may charge you are all really free because the subs usually will...
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    Your build: What would you do differently?

    I batted around the idea that I should have made my pool a swim lane wider and put one in. I can swim laps (although I have yet , but can't do a proper turn on one end because of the steps... But that's also why I am not sure, would I really use it..
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    New pool quartzscape pool finish problems

    I plastered with Tahoe Blue quartzscape reflections version as well... My color is completely consistent throughout. The plaster has some unevenness, and some areas where the acid wash was not completely rinsed and caused some more revealed areas than others.. I actually like the way it...
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    Recommend a robotic cleaner for <$1,000

    I have an S300i that I was able to find for $999 new... I have seen refurbished ones for $869... I like it because it has blue tooth and a mode that I can manually drive it. It came with a dolly as well. Very cool product, easy to clean and seems to pick up everything.
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    Raised Wall Functionality & Popularity

    For me, my pool is four feet from my back wall. I wanted a planter, but not where the dirt would get into the pool due to proximity and frankly putting decking in such a small area was a waste. So by raising the rear, I create depth, level change, waterfalls and a nice raised planter. Just...
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    New Owner/Builder Pool in Las Vegas

    Thanks for your help when I started! The list of subs was very helpful to get started ... I really do appreciate it.. BTW the pool tile guy was great! IN fact, everyone I used off your list was excellent.. especially the gunite guy, who is someone I hang out with at the lake now too.. lol...
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    New build in Atlanta GA

    The Intelliflo 2 VST - is well worth having, however, the price is a lot for an upgrade... I paid just over 900 for each of mine with 3 year warranty... you can get them all over the internet for that... so how much are they giving you for the superflo?
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    New Pool IG - Inland Empire, CA - Pool finished, end pix soon!

    Re: New Pool IG - Inland Empire, CA - Pool finished, please HELP me with my startup AS long as the plumber is there, ask him to put in the bypass if you can. It is necessary. You should be using the bypass in the months you do not use the heater. I am sure people more expert than me can...
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    Las Vegas Build - It's like butter

    Todays readings: FC 7 CC .5 TC 7.5 TA 80 PH 7.5 Temp 64 PH really didn't move much over night, TA is a solid 80... so I added about 40lbs of Borac acid (Got it shipped from the diesel place 55lb bucket) today... according to Pool math, that should get me close to 50ppm ...
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    Deciding between PebbleTec vs Glass Tile Negative Edge Wall

    This is exactly what I did in my first pool build 10-15 years ago... and this is right on... I fought this all the time, and ultimately, glass bead cleaning is only solution... I had beach entry and pebbletec I wish we had an aquabright installer in Vegas, I would have gone that way... but...
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    Las Vegas Build - It's like butter

    Todays readings - FC 7 CC .5 TC 7.5 TA 80 PH 7.4 Temp 64 Is it a good time to put the Borac Acid in?
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    Second hole at bottom of skimmer

    Mine is plumbed to an equalizer... works just the same..
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    Las Vegas Build - It's like butter

    I meant floor cleaner.. :cool: I redid the layout so that one of my features is the floor cleaner now, with its own speed (high). And set its own time to run. And I defined it as generic. I think its all working correctly now... I am still not sure why the valve was turning when the pump...
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    How to build a wall with sheer decent waterfall?

    I run 2 bubblers and 3 24" sheer descents on one 3hp pump... without a problem. I have a Valve (one of my autovalves) between the bubbler line and waterfall line. The bubblers are split right after the pump/valve with separate valves to use to control flow and equalize, and the three water...
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    Las Vegas Build - It's like butter

    I have done everything you said, except I have the Aux for the pool cleaner set as a pool cleaner... not generic... SO I am guessing That is the reason it keeps cycling... Pool is assigned to 1300 rpm which is the lowest speed that the SWG will function for my setup.
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    I made a pool logger

    That's it