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    Re-plumbing Equipment Pad for Efficiency and VS Pump

    Hi Jonpcar, I have two Hayward skimmers with floating weir doors. I agree they need somewhere between 15-25gpm each to be effective. I’m still playing around with my optimum settings but currently running my pump 24hrs at 1600rpm and having main drain mostly closed gets me 36 gpm. I’ll post...
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    Re-plumbing Equipment Pad for Efficiency and VS Pump

    Just the extra resistance from the heat-exchanger in the heater. Also a couple extra 90's
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    Re-plumbing Equipment Pad for Efficiency and VS Pump

    Some efficiency numbers: Old 1ph Pump consistently ran 24psi with clean filter all suction valves open. Based on memory of strength of flow from pool return, I'm guessing it was around 50gpm. IntelliFlow VSF. All readings from pump, all suction valves open, clean filter: 1600rpm heater...
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    Re-plumbing Equipment Pad for Efficiency and VS Pump

    Excellent work there! I debated swapping some other equipment but it was very hard to justify. Michigan Nat Gas prices are so low it doesn’t payoff to go heat pump yet. I SWG but read some things online that scared me. I don’t know how well my pool is bonded and got worried about corrosion...
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    Re-plumbing Equipment Pad for Efficiency and VS Pump

    Hello All, Hoping this encourages people to look at their set-up and replumb if necessary. Purchased my 1966 home with 1966 pool in Fall of 2019. Spent Summer of 2020 with pool equipment as-is. After a summer of high electricity bills and getting annoyed listening to my old 1hp pump...
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    Plumbing in a new Heater Bypass

    Understood on the tablet feeder. Thanks for info. Previous owner had tab feeder plumbed in after heater without any check valve. I have eliminated the tab feeder now. I’m still thinking to install the bypass for efficiency gains. I have read other posts showing significant head pressure gain...
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    Plumbing Question: Rigid PVC vs Flex PVC

    I’m in the process of re-plumbing my pad and changing to a new VS pump. Just purchased the house last year. Previous owners got all new pool decking (stamped concrete) and replaced all plumbing at the same time in 2005. All plumbing was done in flex pvc 1.5”. I’ll post more when complete but...
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    Plumbing in a new Heater Bypass

    Hello all - I am about to replumb my pad from 1.5 to 2”. I’m planning on using a 2” 3way diverter valve for the external heater bypass. Is it required to have a check valve on the heater exit? I understand it’s required if I have a SWG which I do not. Thank you!
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    Internal heater bypass

    Vsman - your assessment seems correct to me. I wish Pentair manual was more clear.
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    Internal heater bypass

    I’m trying to understand this as will with my Mastertemp 300. Adding a VSF pump and wondering to do manual or automatic external bypass or if my heater does good enough job with the internal bypass.
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    Polaris Quattro - Feedback - Review

    Hello All - I am replacing my 15yr old Polaris 360. Im debating between the Quattro P40 and the P3900. From what I have read - sounds like everyone is happy with the P40's performance. Downside is overall reliability (breaking water inlet and gearbox issues). Purchasing next weekend would be...
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    Resurfacing Contractor in SE Michigan

    Hello All! I recently purchased a home in the northern suburbs of Detroit. It is a 1966 home with a 1966 gunite pool. The pool is 800sqft surface area, 9ft deep end, and Lazy L shape. Based on all of my research it has been taken care of pretty well. All equipment is less than 3yrs old, 2005...
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