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    DIY build is not square... (Cozy Cove is 2" short)

    So I've been assembling, disassembling and reassembling my walls for the last few days. I couldn't figure out why I was out of square until I measured the cozy cove (swim up spa). At 7' 10", it's 2" short... If my liner was cut for a 43' wall, then I'm about 3" off on my longest diagonal. Any...
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    Cheapest place to buy __________

    Home Depot, Lowe's and Amazon usually have decent prices. But not always the best. What's everyone thoughts about a "cheapest place to buy _____" thread? I'd guess the biggest driver for a DIY pool build is to save money. Labor is a big piece but so is material cost. I realize the prices can be...
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    Trench to equipment pad

    I still need to dig the trench to my equipment pad. Questions 1 - What's the ideal width and depth 2 - I need to go from 42" deep to ground level. How steeply can I do that? (the more gradual the rise the more dirt I have to move!) Thanks!
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    Confused by "gravel" types

    I've got 60 tons of 57 gravel showing up tomorrow. I'll use it to raise the floor of the pool a bit because we dug too deep. I'll use the rest of it to back fill behind the walls. Apparently there's different kinds of gravel. When I ordered it today she said, "this gravel is round. That's the...
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    Gravel backfill - Check my math please

    Could someone check my math? I'm coming up with about 50 tons of #57 gravel to back fill my overdig. That seems like a lot... I've got a True L that's 18x43x28 with a mostly 30" overdig. That would make the hole roughly, 23x48x33 which would be 152' of perimeter (I think). So my trench is...
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    Gravel calculator resource

    I've spent some time looking for a gravel calculator that would let me pick a specific size gravel. (#57 in my case) Thought I'd share. KW Trucking Mr. Mulch Gravel and Aggregate Calculator | How much gravel do I need Patio Supply
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    Screwed up my elevation... Any ideas?

    So I messed up... I just dug my entire pool at 46"... When I go to lay my decking, I'll have 4" of topsoil in the way once I get 30" away from my walls... (past the overdig) The excavator will be back this afternoon to finish up and the only options I can think of are: 1 - Have him backfill...
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    Concrete delivery access problem

    Morning all! I'm going a DIY build and I'll need to schedule my collar later today or Monday. I'm trying to figure out how to get the concrete to the pool.. My driveway is concrete and is about 100' long. Should I let the truck drive on it? (They said I can request 2 half loads instead...
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    Pool crete in stages?

    So my dig will be done tomorrow and hopefully my walls same/next day. I can't get the concrete collar done until Tuesday or Wednesday but I'd like to get something done. Can I do my pool bottom next? I prob shouldn't get up to the walls since the collar could push them around a bit, but I'm...
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    URGENT - use of clay

    I'm doing a DIY build and the excavator is working right now. I have 3'+ of slope corner to corner. I'd planned on splitting the difference. That would require that I build up the low half with full dirt to pour my decking on. It turns out that everything we're digging is clay. I've read...
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    Heater install question

    Hey there! I've got a quick question on my heater install. This is a new install of a Hayward 400k BTU propane heater. I've attached a picture of where I'll be connecting to the propane line. Questions 1 - I need to tie in after the regulator right? (so it's between me and the tank) 2 -...
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    Bonding question - Upper and lower?

    Hi all! Quick question on bonding. I'm breaking ground on a DIY from Pool Warehouse on Thursday. I've found some decent videos on bonding but still have questions. My plan was to do the bonding myself, hang my Hayward Aqua Plus and pull wire to it from my main panel, run conduit and wire for...
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    DIY - Poolwarehouse build

    Hi all! First post. Long time lurker! We bought a new house 3 years ago and sadly couldn't bring our pool with us... This summer we decided to pull the trigger on a new pool. As some of you have figured out, the cost with a pool company turns out to be "a bunch". I came across the Pool...