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    Where did my cya go????????????

    My pool turned cloudy last week, when I tested it my cl was 0.5. I thought my swcg was not working, so I set it to super-chlorinate. Seems to be working, I can see it making chlorine. My cya has been holding at 45-50, now it tests at 0.??? I read about the ammonia test, added 185oz 10%, and I...
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    New SWCG install, just one oops!

    Whats wrong with this picture? Lucky I had enough pipe to cut and install the threaded nut, then glue in a union. The rest of the install went as expected, and it works!!! Circu pool RJ30+ from Discount Salt. Starting and finished pic included. One tip...... Don't add your salt until you get...
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    Use pucks to raise CYA?

    I am converting to a salt pool, can I use the bucket of pucks I have to raise the cya, or should I just get some conditioner to raise it? Currently use liquid chlorine, and keep my cya around 30, need to raise it to 60 or so. Comments?
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    High PH. low TA, which way to go first?

    Todays numbers: FC2.5 CC0.0 TA70 CH200 CYA30 CSI-0.05 So my ph is up, so I need to add some muriatic acid, but that will bring my TA down? PM calls for 38oz baking soda to bring the ta up, 16oz ma, to bring the ph down. Which way to go first??? Also, my cya is probably less than 30, ok to use...
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    Pool math on pc says to 'subscribe', but I already did?

    When I try to add test results, notes, etc, says to subscribe to premium service, but I think I AM subscribed. Paid for the app, works on my phone, not on my PC?
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    PH tester difference between TF100 and K2006C

    I was going to get the refills from TF Test kits, but the PH reagent doesn't work with the K2006 gauge? I guess I don't understand the difference. So where to get the PH reagent for the K2006C?
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    How much cya in a puck?

    I'm full of questions today. After my drain and fill to lower my cya from ~150, it ended up about 35. ( I know, call it 30 or 40). Now we have had a BUNCH of rain, so my cya is right at 30. I guess that's ok, but if I need to add a little cya, how much will each puck add? I have a lifetime...
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    Muriatic acid questions.

    Two questions about muriatic acid. I bought some at HD yesterday, they had a pallet dated 19022, I found another pallet dated 19143. I bought the newer stuff, but was wondering if it gets weaker with age like chlorine? Also, is it OK to store it outside, in the heat. ( not direct sun). Mike
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    Big thanks and a question after drain and fill.

    I want to thank TFP for the helping me understand what the heck is going on with my pool. Amazing what some good info does to your confidence level. I just completed a 10000 gal drain and fill. Before and after numbers look like this . Before FC 7.5 CC0.5 PH 7.8 TA 120 CH 475 ! CYA over 150...
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    Confused about cya/3" tabs.

    I'm trying to figure out how some people use the 3" tabs constantly, yet do not have a cya overload issue? A co-worker says he uses 3-4 a week, with no problems. Where does all his conditioner go? I am about to do a drain and refill , I assume due to too many pucks, I hope I am not missing...
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    How much chlorine for a drain/fill/slam?

    I am going to do a major drain and fill this weekend, my current cya is over 120. (too many pucks) Any ideas as to how much chlorine i am going to need? Probably going to go with pool store liquid at this point, getting 2- 2.5 gal jugs tomorrow, want to be prepared before I start.
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    CYA overload !

    I'm new here, and have not quite figured out the pool math site, but I think I know my first step. My pool is older, I have owned the house and pool for about 2 years. I finally figured out the 'big box' pool stores are making a living off me, figured I better get this pool testing figured out...
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    Another new guy from Florida

    Hi, Glad I found this place, the local 'big-box' pool stores are about to break me! My pool is older, new to me 2 years. Had good luck to this point, beginners luck I guess. I'm going to post in the help section for a cya problem, I am hoping someone has a different answer than I expect. Here we go!