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  1. Vinnyd0810

    Intex swg question

    How do I run the filter and clean without making more chlorine? I have an eco 15210-1 sand filter and 1500gph pump set up.
  2. Vinnyd0810

    High cya in swg and cloudy water

    I am in the process of transition as far as disconnecting with the pool store routine and learning how to maintain the pool with knowledge. That being said, my water is cloudy. It sucks. I accidentally raised my cya to 100. My FC is 2, TC is 2. Ph is 7.6. Phosphates are high but im hoping that...
  3. Vinnyd0810

    Need a clear chart for bbb

    I keep finding tons of information but i cant seem to find an easy to follow chart on the bbb method of maintaining the pool. Ive read about it, the background, the logic, the science of pool water but i haven’t come across a simple layout to plug in your numbers and determine what is needed to...
  4. Vinnyd0810


    Moved from here... INTEX STRAINER GRID CLOGGING I see that this is an older comment /question. I have the same problem. I’ve tried both intex vacuums(garden hose and suction into a small net bag), as well as a standard suction vac and a ladybug vac both going right into the strainer grid. The...