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    Air in system

    Good morning! Somehow I am having an issue with air in my system. Everything was fine, until after I vacuumed the pool yesterday. I have (2) skimmers that are piped separately to the pump with a valve before the pump. Yesterday, I closed the valve to one skimmer and set up my vacuum, then...
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    Hello from Odessa MO

    Good morning, I joined the group last fall because I was installing a pool and have now completed the pool and am working on learning the maintenance end of it all. Thanks for all the assistance thus far!
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    Pool flow and cloudy water

    Hello, I am a rookie when it comes to pools and maintenance. I installed a saltwater pool in the fall of last year (lazy L shape with a 6' deep end, approx. 21,500 gal of water, 2 skimmers, 3 returns no main drain, Hayward variable speed pump, Hayward sand filter). I filled the pool in the...
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    Plumbing and valves

    Hello! I am new here and new to pools. I have installed a pool and am ready for finishing the pool plumbing and valves. I have (3) returns tee'd together underground with (1) 2" stub up I have (4) deck jets all piped in 1-1/2" pipe with a loop system underground with (1) 1-1/2" I have (2)...