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    Waterproofing using FRP

    Fiberglass reinforced paneling? If so I'm not sure why you would. Seems likely to fail, liquid waterproofer is super easy to apply and they have it at every lowes or home depot in the tile section
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    Finished the beach entry

    Been filled a few days, so far the kids are loving the beach. We will see if the issues with them people talk about happen eventually, no bird issues so far.
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    Rebar size shotcrete pool

    I wouldn't be, I ran all #3 in mine, just maybe you didn't get water on that thing fast enough to catch the hairline cracking, structurally you should be good tho
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    We now live on the beach, kinda

    The wife wants some tropical looking plants, our last pool was very modern and sterile but she wants a more natural tropical feeling one this time
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    We now live on the beach, kinda

    That's the beach I was referring to
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    Coping/Concrete problem

    I would have them just parge the whole face of the coping so it looks consistent, wouldn't be worried about structural issues as that is super common to happen on concrete forms. In fact it's proof your concrete didn't have excessive water added to it
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    We now live on the beach, kinda

    If you didn't take a picture, did it even really happen?
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    We now live on the beach, kinda

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    Coping forming done on gunite shell pool

    No real questions just excited to get the grading done and run the lines over to the pump
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    Installing skimmer with no main drain

    Okay thanks, my last pool they did a port a few feet below the skimmer with the second hole and I haven't seen many others do that
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    Installing skimmer with no main drain

    Plumbing rough in
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    Plumbing layout questions

    Layout phase
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    Plumbing layout questions

    Getting ready to dig
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    Beach entry question

    Nope but I was hoping such a return would exist, i dont want to always have a whirlpool current but when I get my family in town I'd like to aim them all to the right to help get things moving. The big section is 22ft diameter, beach entry is a 12 ft diameter and small section I may turn into a...
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    Beach entry question

    Glad some people are seeing what I'm saying, I have a relative with a sealed concrete pool deck and I cringe at the thought of it
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    Beach entry question

    Well I'm going to go with hopefully it works and holds a current, running out of colors of paint I can switch to for laying it out and, weedwacker is a decent eraser tho...
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    Beach entry question

    No a bad idea, not sure what it would be made of
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    Beach entry question

    We had a sundeck on our last pool and did love it, but my wife is requiring a beach entry on this next pool, we are still having kids so she wants that area for the little ones
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    Beach entry question

    My wife is adamant we are doing a beach entry, I plan on doing just poured concrete decking and bringing it down into the water a little bit at the beach entrance. Hoping don't have too much water loss but I'm not sure what else would work, a drain may but it would have to be quite wide I'd think
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    Beach entry question

    No I had an ag round pool as a kid and we would get all my family members to run around in a circle and it would make a "whirlpool" that was a ton of fun, I would like to recreate that for my kids but my wife is adamant we are doing a beach entry as well so I'm trying to determine I'f it's...
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    Beach entry question

    I want to build a pool 22 ft diameter but with a 12 ft diameter beach entry connected to it kind of like a ven diagram. But if I make one side where they meet closer to the center of the large circle would it be able to hold a Whirlpool? Or would all your energy be sucked out into the beach...
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    Beach entry question

    I like the hostility towards my questions! Saving me money!