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    Aqua cal heat pump tripping breaker

    I installed an Aqua cal electric heat pump a few weeks ago and I am having a problem with it tripping the breaker. Sometimes it will go a day without tripping sometimes only a few hours. I had the electrician back out to look at it and he doesn’t see anything wrong. It’s wired with #6 wire and...
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    Aqua cal heat pump install?

    I am in the process of buying an aqua cal T135 heat pump, my question is has anyone installed one DIY? Am I crazy for trying? I think I can save about $1,300 installing it myself, just looking for first hand opinions from anyone who has installed one. Thanks
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    Recommendation for pool heater.

    I have a 37x18x26 L shaped pool, approximately 27,000 gallons according to the pool store. I am looking for recommendations for a Electric pool heater, what size is recommended? Any brands to stay away from? Thanks
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    Sodium bisulfate?

    When using the pool math app is sodium bisulfate the same as dry acid?