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    Low Pool Water Temp - PH Level

    FYI - My water temps in my pool have dropped low enough that the IC60 is not working, so I am manually adding bleach during the winter.. My question though is PH level related to water temp. I have been keeping my PH right around 7.6... But mainly due to the temp of the water (41F to 43F)...
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    Help on attaching second pump to Easy Touch

    (1) So I have this second pump a Pentair 2VST, that is attached to my EasyTouch 8. But I cannot control it. It looks like they wired directly to the breaker instead of an AUX or other controller. This pump is solely for my waterfalls and bubblers. I have a electronic valve between the two...
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    BiCarb Startup - Pool is Full!! Saaweeet!!

    Pool is full initial test of water is: FC .5 CC .5 TC 1.0 CH 325 TA 300 PH 7.6 Question... I haven't put any sequestering agent in yet. I ordered Jacks Magenta, because no one appears to have it here in town. Can I wait for it to arrive and add? Or should I go get something at Lowes...
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    Electronic Descaler

    I have looked for threads on this subject, and maybe I am using the wrong terms. Are these effective for an SWG pool? We get a lot of Lime scale in Vegas, and there are similar products for in-home use and appear to be effective in stopping limescale buildup.
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    Bi-Carb Startup Questions

    We started discussing this in my build thread, but I think this is a more appropriate place to discuss. My tap water (and water that I am filling pool with) tests like this: FC 1.0 (basic test kit 1.2) CC 0 TC 1.0 TA 290 PH 7.2 (basic test kit) CH 325 This appears to be perfect water for a...
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    IC40 v. IC60

    I am getting ready for my first time salt pool. The specs for the size of the pool clearly fall into an IC40. So why do people recommend the IC60 rather than the IC40? Is bigger just better?. Does it make a difference if one is running at 80% and the other 60%, as long as the outcome is...
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    Easy Touch 4 or 8?

    I currently have an easy touch 4, but I also have the upgrade board to turn it into an 8... just not sure if I need it and maybe you all who have add actual experience with these things can point me in right direction. I am in process of building the pool. AS I understand the Easytouch 4 - it...
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    Start up

    Since I will be doing my own startup, does Startup-Tec speed up the time when you can swim after the pool has water? I was thinking of doing the acid startup? However, does Startup-Tec eliminates the need for acid.... Also .. which is better, Jacks or startup-tec? In your opinions.. Is...
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    Solar Install

    I think this fits into the OTHER category... I just installed solar panels on my roof... 26 panels - should produce 7.41kw I have an all electric home with no gas onsite... so either I go propane or heat pump for pool heat ... haven't done either yet, but did install these babies. I am hoping...
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    Las Vegas Build - It's like butter

    I'm new to this forum, but have been hunting around and talked to a couple of you already by email and phone. I appreciate everyone's willingness to help! This is my second pool I have built on my own, and hopefully learned from my mistakes 10-15 years ago. Surprisingly some of the subs are...