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    Questions: CYA keeps dropping, water tastes salty, high TA/CH

    Hello everyone! Anyone have suggestions as to why my CYA keeps dropping, as well as why my water "tastes" salty? CYA: 0 FC: 0 (just poured a gallon of chlorine in) pH: 7.5 TA: 210 CH: 550 Thanks!
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    Does a pool cover change target values?

    Has anyone thought through how a heavy-duty pool cover changes the target values that we should be shooting for? For example, I'm imagining CYA should be lower than usual, since the water sees much less sun ... TF-100 readings as of this morning: FC 2.0 (added 1 gal after this reading, so...
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    Lowest safe temporary pH (for lowering TA)?

    Hello everyone, I'd like to lower my TA (it's well above 200) so that I can add borates. What's the lowest I can let my pH go temporarily? I saw another thread where someone mentioned their pool was around 4 pH, and no one was freaking out in the responses :-) iirc the calculator suggested...
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    Need creative way for testing pool chlorine

    We're vacationing in a 3rd(?) world country, and the pool looks a bit sketch. Of course, I didn't bring my fas-dpd test :-) I did buy some bleach, but would love a creative way for testing fc before I just pour some in. Any suggestions?
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    Tricks for adding chlorine?

    I was surprised to read (and experience!) how much chlorine our 7x7 spa (attached to the pool) can consume, especially with lots of toddlers in it! So, I'm going to try to keep the chlorine level a fair bit higher than the rest of the pool when we're going to be using it a lot. How do you guys...
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    Trying to increase my CYA

    The essentials: FC 3 CC 0 CYA 5-10 pH 7.8 (just added a gallon of 14.5% muriatic acid, which should lower this considerably) TA 230 CH 160 I've added about 90% of a 4 lb tin of CYA powder, and my CYA barely moved even after about 2 weeks! I put it in the skimmer, but didn't use a sock. There...
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    Is this Calcium Scaling?

    First off, the important stuff: FC 3 CC 0 CYA 5-10 (trying to raise this) pH 7.8 (just added a gallon of 14.5% muriatic acid, which should lower this considerably) TA 230 CH 160 Now, I've noticed this around my water line - is it calcium scaling? Is this a reason to lower my TA (aside from...
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    Reducing TA (so that I can eventually add borates)

    I've had a hard time lowering my TA (which I want to do so I can add borates). I've added about 75% of the muriatic acid that the recommended to go from 7.6 to 7.2, but it looks like I only got the pH down a bit, and the TA didn't budge. Here are my readings: FC 1.5 CC .25...
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    Thoughts on the Pentair Legend Platinum Kreepy Krauly

    How long do they last? How well does it clean, compared to the competition? This is what our PB installed. Thanks!
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    Chlorine test starts clear, then turns bright yellow

    Hi everyone! I've never owned a pool before, but have really enjoyed reading this site!! My pool became slightly cloudy a few days ago, so I've been adding chlorine. This has worked great, and I'm about 95% clear. However, when I test using the "add 5 drops and see how yellow" method (got...
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    Just got my PG&E bill ... ouch!

    Now that we've installed our new 20x40 IG pool, it looks like we used 450kWh + 47 therms more than this same month last year. Ouch! What have you seen your bills do, once you turn on your pool? All Pentair: Intelliflow VSP pump 400k BTU heater (for spa, used sparingly) One big question: I...
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    Tiny black bugs - Springtails? Soap mixture ok?

    Hi everyone! Just finished our 20x40 pool (and new sod in the backyard, about 5 feet from the water), and we're loving it! However, we don't seem to be the only ones - looks like we might have Springtails? Here's a video of them in action...
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    *Pics* New PB: 20x40 IG Gunite, 7x7 spa/7x7 Shamu shelf

    Hi Everyone! We finished our house build a few months ago, and are interested in building a 20x40 rectangular IG pool in our backyard (with a 7x7 spa). We've interviewed at least 6 pool guys (5 gunite, 1 vynil liner), and liked this guy the best by far. Also, as we were interviewing...
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    Anyone used Poolyard / Foothill Installers for a pool build?

    Hi, We're considering using Poolyard / Foothill Installers for a pool build here in San Jose - has anyone used them or heard good/bad things about them? I'm prepping my questions for the interview with him tomorrow morning. Thanks!
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    Structure to make a deep end shallower

    Hi everyone! I'm currently trying to decide between a standard shallow/deep end pool, and a sport pool (shallow on both ends, slightly deeper in the middle), and was wondering if I could have the best of both worlds by building the former, and when it's time for pool volleyball, to insert a...