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    Re-plumbing Equipment Pad for Efficiency and VS Pump

    Hello All, Hoping this encourages people to look at their set-up and replumb if necessary. Purchased my 1966 home with 1966 pool in Fall of 2019. Spent Summer of 2020 with pool equipment as-is. After a summer of high electricity bills and getting annoyed listening to my old 1hp pump...
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    Plumbing in a new Heater Bypass

    Hello all - I am about to replumb my pad from 1.5 to 2”. I’m planning on using a 2” 3way diverter valve for the external heater bypass. Is it required to have a check valve on the heater exit? I understand it’s required if I have a SWG which I do not. Thank you!
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    Resurfacing Contractor in SE Michigan

    Hello All! I recently purchased a home in the northern suburbs of Detroit. It is a 1966 home with a 1966 gunite pool. The pool is 800sqft surface area, 9ft deep end, and Lazy L shape. Based on all of my research it has been taken care of pretty well. All equipment is less than 3yrs old, 2005...