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    Sand like material n my pool

    Hi! Yesterday, while cleaning my polaris for the 1st time after switching to a mesh bag, i found my bag full of something that looks like sand. Has anyone ever seem this? What is it? Today is day two and i got less, but still almost half a bag.
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    Variable Speed Pump

    I need assistance setting up my variable speed pump to run at max speed while in service mode. Currently, i have it set up for difference speed while in pool mode, cleaner on and heating, but cannot figure out how to set speed for service mode. Any help with be appreciated.
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    CH increase

    Hi! It's possible for the CH to increase from 275 PPM to 675 PPM in two weeks? My Ch was 275 PPM on July 2. Today is 675 PPM. Is this possible or just chemicals going bad? I have the TF-100 kit. Purchased last year. My water is filtered and has a descaler so not heavy water. On June 15, i had...
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    Autofill Issues (water coming out of the overflow pipe & water will not stop flowing)

    Hi! So I have a poolmister autofill installed last year (came with my new pool) it worked fine. My pool guy uninstalled when closing the pool last year. When he opened the pool this year it was not working. He said he did nothing and installed the same way it was previously installed. First...
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    Ta will not go higher than 60ppm

    Good morning all! My TA all summer has not has not gone up from 60ppm. Once or twice was 50ppm. Is this a problem. All my other chemicals are right, but even with PH is as high as 8ppm, the TA remains at 60ppm. Is this a sign of something wrong? Last my reading today were as follows: FC 7ppm...
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    Pentair Vs Jandy Equipment (Pump, Remote, Salt Chlorinator, Lights, etc)

    Hello all! SO I am building a new home and need advice as to the equipment for the new pool. Currently I have Jandy equipment, which I had many issues with the control system and salt Chlorinator. Is Pentair any better? I have quotes from different contractors and now I am trying to pick a...
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    Pool company cancelled my closing & pool has closing chemicals ....what do i do now?

    Pool company cancelled my closing & pool has closing chemicals ....what do i do now? Good morning! My pool company just cancelled my closing scheduled for today. I had already pour all the chemicals from my closing kit ( Non-Chlorine shock, algae and winter treatment). My new appointment is...
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    Does the DPD Powder expires or go bad

    Does the DPD Powder expires or go bad? I notice my powder which is only over 12 months old turn grey. Please advice.
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    CLOUDY WATER!!! Don't know why

    My pool was has been cloudy for the past three days and I am trying to fix it and determine the cause. About 2 weeks ago I added a product called Scaletec Plus to deal with my calcium scale. The instructions were to turn off my salt generator and manually to maintain 1-3 ppm FC, so I did. Four...
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    De filter low pressure???

    Good morning! I opened my pool last week and notice that the filter pressure is only 12 PSI. Normally the pressure is 20 PSI. Is this a problem? or does this indicate a possible problem or malfunction? If so how can I fix it?
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    New pool in new house with pool house

    Hello everyone! I am building a new home and would like to get some advice. So my architect suggested that I built a pool equipment room inside my pool house. I do not think is a good idea as maintainence maybe more difficult and the noise from equipment may go to the pool house. Does anyone...
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    Jack magic purple vs magenta stuff

    Hi! So I am about to close my pool and since I got scale build up when I opened this spring, I want to prevent scaling when closing. I am considering adding a jack magic product as suggested by a friend. However, I am not sure which product is right as they seem to be very similar. Can someone...
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    Cc readings make no sense

    Hello all! Once again, I am seeking guidance as pool water reading make no sense. My current readings are as follows: Temperature 85 FC 9 I know is a bit high. My SWG was at 65 % due to heat wave in past weeks, I increased production a bit. Now is off until FC get back down CC 0.5...
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    Does Phosphate Affect SWG Chlorine Production?????

    Today, a Jandy's technician came to my house to troubleshoot issues I had with my SWG. He tested my water and advised me that my phosphate levels were high (500PPM), which I knew, but ignored as all I have read on this forum indicates that as long as my FC is at the appropriate level phosphate...
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    What is most important to prevent scaling ph or csi?????????

    I puzzled and need some guidance as to what is most important to prevent calcium scaling. Last year I closed my pool with the following readings: Water Temperature 61 FC 21.5 As I slammed before closing PH 7.4 TA 70 CH 575 CYA 60 Salinity 3000 CSI -0.39 When I opened my pool I had scaling...
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    Stained plaster

    Hello all! So when I opened my pool in May 1, I noticed organic stains from acorns trees in my neighbor's yard and treated using The OS Spot Stain remover and Muriatic Acid (works great! See attached pictures). However, as I treated the stains spot, I started to notice that those spots now...
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    Is a Nature 2 Cartridge really needed for a SWG?

    Hello all and Happy Spring! As I prepare to open my pool, I want to know if a Nature 2 Cartridge is really needed for a SWG? I have been reading about it and notice that it sounds as an optional component (sanitizer) that can be use in regular Chlorine pools as well. It's the chlorine produced...
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    Pool cover pump not removing water from cover

    Hello All! This is my 2nd pool closing and I am not happy with the pump not removing all water from the pool cover. I have a little giant pump (attached is a picture), which it suppose to activate at 2 inch of water, but it looks like is activating above 2 inches of water. I would like to know...
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    Can high levels of fc cause a cc increase?

    I notice that since I started to increase my FC levels my CC has risen too. I though shocking/increase FC level would lower CC not increase it. My FC is now 14.5PPM and my CC is 1ppm. I started to raise my FC production in preparation for closing new weeks.
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    Slaming before closing the pool

    I read an announcement about closing the pool. It mentioned to slam 2-3 days before closing. It also stated that FC level will return to normal within a few days. I do not understand how the FC can drop to fast. What type of shock can drop the FC so fast? I ask because in my case normal FC is 6...
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    Fc from 6.5 ppm to 0 ppm

    I need some assistance. My FC just dropped from 6.5 PPM TO 0 PPM within 24 hours. There has been no rain, my heater is off, etc The only thing I did was to add a stain remover yesterday morning. Could the stain remover cause such a drop on FC? or could it cause false reading? Please help....I...
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    What type of Chlorine do I enter for Pool Math

    What type of Chlorine do I enter for pool math? I have a SWG and the type of Chlorine produce is not an option on the drop down for pool math. Any help will be appreciated.
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    Calcium Hardness High

    My CH level are currently 550PPM and it has increased from 450 PPM 45 days ago. How can I lower it? Should I try to lower it? I have read other old threads where was indicated that it's ok as long as it does not go over 600 PPM and other chemical levels are good. Any truth to this? My other...
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    Oxidizer vs shock

    I was wondering the TFP method has preference for lowering the CC. Oxidizer or Shock? What is the difference? It seems to me that they both accomplish the same which one is better for a salt water pool?
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    Cya test results

    So I have a question for TF-100 users. The CYA test directions say to check the mark once you cannot longer see the black dot. Based on this instructions my CYA levels are around 30-40 PPM. However, based on the stabilizer dosage I added to the water and the pool store test results my CYA...
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    My chlorine level drop from 5.5 ppm to 2ppm within 12 hours?????

    Hi! hope everyone is having a great summer. I would like to know if someone has some insight as to what can cause chlorine levels to drop so fast within hours. Here is the scenario. This past Saturday, at 10 am my FC was 5.5 ppm. My 2 kids (4 and 8), my wife and I started using the pool around...
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    Any Co-relation between Pool heater and increase on water salinity

    I just noticed that every time I turn on my pool heater, the salinity shows an increase on salinity within hours. I am wondering if anyone else had notice this or have any input or observations. Thanks
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    Spectralight uv system.....good, bad, etc

    Does any has the spectra ultraviolet system? I considering getting one, but would like to know if it works and what have users experience been with the UV system.
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    Polaris 360 not working properly

    My Polaris 360 is not moving (it appears the wheels are not turning). I already cleaned the filters (pump and mesh at the quick connect adapter). It move the little "tail" and the cleaner bag is up so, it looks like it has water flowing, but it won't move. Called my Pool company as it's under...
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    How to keep ph down

    My PH keep raising every one to two days from 7.4 to 7.8. I do not know if this is normal, but I am dupping about 3 bottles of 7 pound PH minus per week. Is it normal for the PH to raise so fast?