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    Bleach shortage

    So bleach is getting hard to come by. May have to go to the pool store. It's been a long time. What would you guys/gals purchase to get you through the virus panic?
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    Intermatic Timer Dead

    So I went out to manually turn on my filter and nothing. My voltage meter says that the wires are hot but I get nothing when I flip the switch. No humming or anything. I checked all the breakers. I guess my timer is bad? If there’s electricity in the wires then the timer must be bad right? Let...
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    Spider Gasket

    Hi Guys/Gals, So my spider gasket went out so I replaced the whole multi port valve on top of my sand filter. I unscrewed the six screws, pulled the old one off, and put the new one on and screwed it down. I turned on the pump and water shot out from underneath it like it wasn’t screwed down at...
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    Dead Pump?

    So I ran my pump all morning and then shut it off for the afternoon. It never came on in the evening. I went out and flipped the switch and it just hummed at me.The motor was hot to the touch. The impeller is free spinning. I tried tapping the motor, resetting the breaker, and cursing at it. I...
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    TFP Con

    All of my shirts now have some evidence of bleaching...
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    Out of town?

    All my neighbors are old and I don’t want them near my pool. I leave to camp several times over the summer for about 5 days at a time. I don’t have a way to add chlorine. Any tricks or do I just SLAM when I return?
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    Hi Texas!

    How much FC are all of you Texans losing each day? My CYA is at 40 right now. I need to bring it to 50, I know, I just can’t find the stabilizer. Anyway, I’m losing about 5ppm in a 24 hr period. I add chlorine each night. My wife and I steep in the pool 3-5 hours each day. Thanks!
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    CYA rule of thumb?

    So I just SLAMed my pool and everything is awesome! Before the SLAM my cya was 50 and now it’s 40. I’m adding a gallon of bleach each night to keep it in the 6-8 range which is normal. At what point would I be queued to raise my cya to 50? Once it took 2 gallons or more each evening? Seems like...
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    When to run pump?

    Hey guys and gals, Does it matter when I run my pump? Is it important to run it during the day or can I run at night? How many hours per day? I’ve always run during the day. Now I want to add chlorine at night and then run the pump 6-8 hours, again, at night. What say you? Thanks in advance!
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    First SLAM!!

    Wish me luck! My CYA is 50 so I plan to bring my FC up to 20, my acid down to 7.2, and maintain until my water is clear, Over night test is .5 or less and CC is 0. Cc is 0 now, go figure. Going to brush as much as I can over the weekend before going back to work on Monday.
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    TFTestkits Glycerin Pressure Gauge

    I bought a new gauge this summer and it has worked great. This morning it was reading 10 psi with the pump off. With it on its maxed out at 30. I tried to take out the plug to see if it would equalize but nothing happened. Is the gauge done? Any ideas? Thanks.
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    TFP Sitters

    Is there a way to search for TFP members in my area? It seems logical to me that if I contacted a member they would agree to care for my pool while I’m out of town. I’d certainly do it for others. For a small fee of course.
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    Hot Texas Sun

    Hi, Ok, so it’s getting hot here in SA TX. For those of you that live in a similar climate, about of much bleach are you burning through a day on average? Right now I’m going through about a gallon a day. My CYA is at 40 right now, but I plan to raise that to 50 this weekend. Unless 1 gallon...
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    Hot Texas Sun

    FC-7 PH-7.5 TA-70 CH-350 CYA-40 The blazing Texas sun will be here soon. Is my CYA high enough or should I think about raising it to 60? Currently, my pool has never looked better! Thanks.
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    CYA Level for Texas

    My CYA level is sitting at 60 right now. I was about to drain 20% of the water to bring it down to 50 when I thought I'd ask you guys what CYA level would be best for HOT S.TX sun. Thanks!
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    Pool Thermometer

    How important is a pool thermometer? I'm sure I need one. Any recommendations? Something that can survive south TX sun? 25k gallons Above Ground Plaster Hayward S244T sand filter AO Smith B-129 pump Build around 1980 TF-100 test kit City water (No restriction)
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    Pressure gauge

    My pressure gauge screws into my filter horizontally and always fills with water. I got tired of replacing them so I have not used a gauge in years. Has anyone come up with a fix or come across a sealed gauge? Thanks. 25k gallons Above Ground Plaster Hayward S244T sand filter AO Smith B-129...
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    First Reading

    Pool is clear... FC- 13.5 CC- 0 TC- 13.5 CH- 1,000 TA- 140 CYA- 80 PH- 7.5 Any suggestions? I'm firing my pool service tomorrow and will try to take care of it myself. I live in San Antonio, TX. Thanks!! 25k gallons Above Ground Plaster Hayward S244T sand filter AO Smith B-129 pump Build...
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    Is it really that easy?

    I'm paying about $76/month for a chemical only pool service. The price doesn't bother me but, my pool is green about 30% of the time. After reading about the BBB method I'm considering trying to take care of it myself again. So I need to buy a quality test kit, the cheapest bleach I can find...