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  1. flipmodemedian

    Backwashing DE without a backwash setting on my valves?

    Hi all, recently got my pool redone including new plumbing/filter/pump. I think it's time to backwash my Pentair QuadDE 60, but I don't have one of those wonderful valves with a dedicated "backwash" setting, which seems to be what's shown in all the stuff I've read so far. I've attached photos...
  2. flipmodemedian

    SLAM plan

    Hi all, just had my pool totally redone (plumbing, pebbletec, filter and pump), and I got lazy with my chlorine and now it's green. Since some of my test results are weird, I wanted to check before I SLAMmed. My CYA is very low, so would like some advice before I start. 15,000 gal pool -...