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    Low PH affecting FC test?

    Test results before I began the SLAM were FC 0 PH 7.8 TA 110 CH 70 CYA 50 I added 136oz of #10 liquid chlorine. Just woke up and will test again soon. Pool still looks the same, light green.
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    Low PH affecting FC test?

    Began a SLAM tonight. I I added muramic acid to bring my PH down to 7.2 and added liquid chlorine to bring my FC up to 20 (CYA is 50). As I was putting everything away I glanced at my bottle of acid and realized it is 31.45% instead of the 15.7% in usually use. Pool Math says that much acid...
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    Interesting story on news, pool companies can't keep up with new pool requests.

    I live in PA and spent 3 weeks trying to find an Intex pool with no luck. I finaly found one in NC not far from my parents house so we took a road trip. My mom was glad to see us but she thought I was nuts.
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    18’ above ground installation

    How far out of level is the existing gravel pad? Compacted gravel can make a good base for your pool if it's level and you use something like rigid foam to protect the pool floor.
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    Which suction fittings for intex easy set 15 X 48 (2015 or later model) with Saltwater/Sand pump

    I would recommend going with standard pool fittings and plumbing your pool with 1.5 inch pvc. There are several threads in here about how to do it.
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    Intex Ladder

    I have never had an issue with the ladder damaging the liner. Those liners are pretty tough, They do make ladder pads like this one if you wanted to add one,
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    Rocky/rocky ground - setting up intex metal frame

    Another vote for the frame around the pool. Use PT 4x4 and make it one foot larger than your pool.
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    Grey Paver base under pool?

    I would use rigid foam insulation between the road base and the pool. Something like this.
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    Grey Paver base under pool?

    How far out of level is your site? Paver base will compact very well but will be unstable if the base is too deep.
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    Converting Summer Waves pool to Intex filter- HELP!

    If the diameter of your round skimmer hole will fit in the square opening of a new skimmer then you should be good to go. That's how I did mine a few years ago.
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    Converting Summer Waves pool to Intex filter- HELP!

    I replaced my factory summer waves skimmer with this one. then use this adapter to hook it up to your filter Here is a post on how to install the skimmer. The factory skimmer doesn't flow enough water to supply the larger pumps and the best solution is to remove it.
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    Intex 15X48 - Pool Sand/Saltwater pump upgrade.

    I would get rid of the 1.25 inch hoses, they really restrict water flow. Is there a intex return fitting on the end of that plunger valve in the picture? If there is you can use that. You will need to trim your liner a bit to make it fit.
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    Intex 26679eg SWG startup

    I never use the boost feature on my SWG. I fill the pool and start the pump. Add the proper amount of liquid chlorine to bring up my FC level and add the salt. Brush the salt around until it is fully dissolved. Let the pump run and start the SWG the next day. You can do your cya test as soon...
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    Best and efficient way to tackle vacuuming

    You can add some DE to your sand filter. Search pool school for instructions on how to do it.
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    intex 12'x30" install help

    Make sure the o-ring on the pump didn't roll out of place. If that's not it try replacing the plastic clamp with a metal hose clamp.
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    Intex 15ft

    Re: I need 15ft Yes. I use these...
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    intex 12'x30" install help

    Re: intex 12'x30" I was in a similar situation with my pool. I was about 4 inches out of level and tree roots prevented me from digging down my high side so this was my solution. I made box out of pressure treated 2x8's. Then I dug a trench along the high side until the box would sit flush...
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    Solar cover

    Awesome thanks for the reply.
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    Solar cover

    Thanks. One more question, is clear better than blue?
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    Solar cover

    Looking for recommendations on a solar cover for a 14ft above ground pool. I am seeing a lot of reviews that say that a lot of the covers on the market fall apart after a short time. Not looking to spend a fortune, just want a cover that will last few seasons.
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    Touch up paint for frame of Bestway/Coleman AGP

    If you have surface rust you will need to sand it off before you paint. Also a self etching primer would be a good idea.
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    Intex sand filter

    That pressure gauge you posted from is a 60 psi. I would get a 30 psi Guage. The 30 psi gauge would be much easier to read.
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    It's still green?

    Re: Why is it green? You have come to the right place. there are awesome people on this forum who can get you where you need to be. I am new but I will share some of the advice that helped me out. First STOP GOING TO THE POOL STORE. Any questions that you have can be answered here and most...
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    What to do first.

    I added the baking soda and cya today before I went to work. I will test the TA and PH tomorrow morning. Thanks for the reply.
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    What to do first.

    Thanks for the quick reply. I am filling with the water from my municipal water supply. I just ordered my TF-100 and it is not here yet so a friend of mine used his test kit to test the CYA, not sure what kind of test it was. I tested the fill water and the PH is 6.8 and the TA is 40. If I add...
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    What to do first.

    I just completed my SLAM and my water looks great. I tested the water this afternoon and here are the results: FC: 6 OC: 0 PH: 7 TA: 45 CYA: 10 Salt: 900 From reading the pool school pages and and using the pool math calculator it looks like I need to adjust the PH, TA, Salt, and CYA. My...
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    First time trying to open a pool

    The pressure does drop to 0 when the pump is off but then goes to 10 whenever the pump is running. Backwash, Filter, VAC, the pressure always reads 10. I will look into replacing it. Should I try to adjust my CYA or should I wait until after I finish my SLAM?
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    First time trying to open a pool

    Hi all. Just want to say thank you to all of the knowledgeable people on this forum helping out the people like me. I have a 14 X 48 intex pool. Until this year I have just taken it down each winter and refilled it with fresh water in the spring. Last fall I drained the water down to below the...
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    5 boys and a grain AGP build DIY

    Just a little tip. When dry fitting the PVC, take a sharpie marker and draw a line at each joint. Then when you glue the pipe just line up the marks. This ensures that you will glue your pipes exactly how you dry fitted them and not end up with a funky angle that will need to be cut out...