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    Spa / Pool Check Valve Stuck Closed

    My check valve connected to the plumbing for my Spa seems to be stuck in the closed position. This has been going on for about a week and I can't seem to find a solution and any advice would be appreciated. My spa is connected to my pool with an overflow waterfall. What would normally happen is...
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    Newbie Spa Mode Question

    I recently purchased a home and unfortunately none of the plumbing was labeled. I have been able to figure out most things through trial and error but I am stuck on one last issue. My pool has 4 inlet valves. One is the main, then skimmer, pool floor and spa floor. I then have my outlets into...
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    Newbie needs advice

    Just closed on house yesterday and spent the evening replacing filters and installing new gauge onto my pump. The filters have been trashed since our first walk through about 3 weeks ago so this needed to be done first. The previous homeowner had a pool service but decided to cancel it once the...