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    Pool speaker

    I bought my girls an ION bluetooth floating pool speaker for the end of the school year. We used it once to listen to music around a campfire and once in the pool. When it worked it was great. However, while it was listed as waterproof, it only lasted 30 mins before it became waterlogged and...
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    SWG and solar cover

    I have an 18,000 gallon inground fiberglass pool with an AutoPilot SWG. I just want to check to see if other members with a SWG and solar cover follow the same procedure. I run my single speed pump 10 hours a day. While the cover is on I have the salt cell set to 50%. At that setting the...
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    First new pool owner

    I just want to post my experience with a new to me pool and my trials to get everything running. Hopefully this story will help some new person get their pool up and running. Last year I bought a foreclosure with an in-ground pool in September 2019. Since it was so late in the year and the pool...