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  1. Jordada

    poly caulk recommendation for above tile and below coping

    thank you both for your help.
  2. Jordada

    poly caulk recommendation for above tile and below coping

    Can deckofseal be used on a vertical surface?
  3. Jordada

    poly caulk recommendation for above tile and below coping

    An example of what I'm talking about...
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  5. Jordada

    poly caulk recommendation for above tile and below coping

    Hello all. I had my pool renovated nearly two years ago. New surface, new tiles and all new equipment. My pool contractor is here cutting out the grout that is above the tile and below the coping for the 3rd time as it has continuously cracked and fallen out. I have a cantilevered deck so I...
  6. Jordada

    CYA testing

    Thank you. I will give this a try once I get my hands on more chlorine.
  7. Jordada

    CYA testing

    I should add, the FC test tube turned pink again before I added the chemical to test the CC. So I did it twice. It may not be an accurate CC. I will test again in another hour to see where I’m at.
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    CYA testing

    Yes, the CC was 10.
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    CYA testing

    The water is a milky green. I can't see the bottom of the deep end. I went ahead and added chlorine and just tested again, but an hour later. The FC is 3. I'm having an issue getting chlorine where I live. Ugh! It is a terrible time for a chlorine shortage. All of the stores are limiting...
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    CYA testing

    My pool has been open a few days. The pool company usually dumps in some chlorine and once I get all of the gunk cleared it typically clears and I take over testing and balancing. This year it is still green so I was planning to start SLAMing today. I use the TF-100 test kit. My CYA test...
  11. Jordada

    Travertine over concrete

    Hello all. I *think* I have decided to cover our concrete decking with travertine pavers. I have searched the forum and can't find any specific discussions regarding the coping in a rehab. I have cantilevered concrete coping currently and it is around 3.25 inches thick. The remodeling...
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  13. Jordada

    Pool deck replace or refinish

    I have around 1000 sqft of concrete pool decking. One section (around 100 sq ft) is cracked and hollow and will have to be replaced. The remainder has some cracks or crumbling around the edge and especially the cantilevered coping. It definitely needs work. The current deck has a Kooldeck...
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  15. Jordada

    Pool deck options?

    I'm very curious in the responses as well. I am in the process of getting estimates to either replace or rehab my kooldeck pool deck. I had someone come out today that only uses travertine (and oh my is it gorgeous) or pavers but with around 1000 sqft to replace and $20/sqft cost, it is not in...
  16. Jordada

    Pump and heater causing breaker to trip

    I had no idea. So, my assumption about the amperage of the breaker is completely wrong. I will definitely bring this up to the electrician. Thanks again for your help.
  17. Jordada

    Pump and heater causing breaker to trip

    Thank you for all of the responses. I turned the heater off to see if it may be the problem and the breaker was still tripping. Couple of things, the breaker is a double 20 amp, so I assume that is 40 amps total? The heater says it pulls 2 amps when using 240v and I'm not sure if they have to...
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    Pump and heater causing breaker to trip

    Hello. I had all of my pool equipment replaced at the end of the season when we had the pool surface refinished and re-tiled. The pool was built in 1986. We now have a 1.5hp variable speed pump and a Rheem gas heater. The heater was actually replaced about 2.5 yrs ago. When the new pump was...
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    Surface cleaner device

    I have the solar breeze which is a solar powered top skimmer. I have trees that are constantly dropping stuff into the pool and I would have to clean the skimmer basket several times a day without this. It picks up a good bit and motors around the pool using solar power. It is a bit...
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    Tile line grout

    The same contractor that refinished the pool surface also replaced the tile. Or, someone that works for him did the actual work. He was here daily checking on the work, though. He is supposed to drop by on Thr to discuss. The original pool did have a white plasticky strip in the joint. It...
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    Tile line grout

    Thanks for the information. To be fair, the pool is 33-34 yrs old. It had the original tile and was mostly in good shape. There were a few cracked tiles and one or two that had fallen off. We mostly wanted a different look and since we had to refinish the pool surface we decided to do it...
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    Tile line grout

    That is what I was thinking also. This contractor has been in business for 30+ yrs. I’m not sure if it was just a new employee or what. I’m just hopeful he fixes it without Much of a problem.
  23. Jordada

    Tile line grout

    Hello. I’m new here and I need help. We had our finite pool refinished at the end of the season last year. We chose to have the surface refinished with fiberglass and all new tile. The pool was just opened for the season and the grout between the new tile and coping is cracked and I’m some...
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