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  1. Xuna

    One month in and things are going great!

    I am so thankful that I found TFP. Of course, it has saved me lots of money and frustration. I really am still kicking myself for relying on the pool store for my pool chemistry for the past 20 years. I am now telling everyone I know who has a pool to join us here. I have been trying to sell my...
  2. Xuna

    After 2 weeks using test kit and Pool Math I still have cloudy deep end

    I have been faithfully using the test kit and doing what Pool Math is advising. I did make the mistake of putting washing soda in the pool earlier this week, but that has cleared back to the original state which was cloudy in deep end (can't see the bottom). We have had lots of rain this week...
  3. Xuna

    What is THIS!

    Can anyone identify what this gray sludge may be? My ex-pool store told me it was phosphates residue from when I used a chemical to get rid of phosphates. I was told phosphates was the reason why I couldn't hold chlorine when I opened and cloudy water. The phosphates were cleared up but I...
  4. Xuna

    First reading with kit

    How intimidating, but it was easy! FC 3 PH 7.5 TA 150 CYA 20 CH 75 CC .25 How does it look? Still cloudy in the deep end, but not as bad since I drained and refilled.
  5. Xuna

    Overwhelmed with starting over & doing this on my own.

    So I have decided to use TFP and all of you to learn how to manage my pool without the help of the pool store. I am currently in the process of draining my 31,000 in-ground pool because I have been fighting cloudy water since I opened up 3 weeks ago. I have dumped so much stuff in my pool as...
  6. Xuna

    New member here! I'm done with relying on the pool store!

    I am an owner of an in-ground pool that holds 30,000 gallons. The pool is about 18 years old, very well maintained. I have taken down the diving board and slide and will replace them for the grandkids someday. I have always run to the pool store when there was a problem and returning home with...