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    Helicol Solar Panel Plumbing repair

    Hi all, posting this in case anyone nearby Northeast PA knows of a pool professional or installer that could help with a plumbing repair I have for my solar panels. In short the return line for the hot from the roof blew off during a windstorm and associated lines fell as well. The panels and...
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    In Ground Safety Cover replacement

    Hi all, Looking for help on how (and what kind is best) to replace my existing safety cover. I rarely go to the pool store except for my muriatic, but they of course peddle their replacement program to send out and back free of charge etc as Im sure some of you know. I'd much rather help a...
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    Main Drain Leak - Plz Help!

    Ok, I've been filling my pool with water daily for a couple few weeks now, and finally realized this excessive heat isn't the issue (yea it took me a while to come to grips with this). I've been trying to ID exactly where my issue is, and did the bucket test to confirm. When my pump is on I...