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    Saying Hi and some issues

    What an awesome pool!! I love the shape of it! I get bored with my simple rectangle shaped pool :)
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    Pool Swamp

    You can bring it back to life. Here is a friend's pool after it sit for 35 years with no cover. He did all the repairs/re-paint etc. Yours will probably be easier since you had a cover over it for some of the time.
  3. Friend's Pool.jpg

    Friend's Pool.jpg

  4. Friend's Pool.jpg

    Friend's Pool.jpg

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    Uncovered and unused for three years

    Just as support, here is a picture of a friends pool that was brought back to life after sitting uncovered for 30 years....yes 30 years. He was able to just repaint it and buy new equipment. It was his childhood home so it nice for him to be able to use it again. It took him about 3 weekends...
  6. Friend's Pool.jpg

    Friend's Pool.jpg

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    Bugs and pool lights

    Liked "to make sure we are the only ones in the pool" :) that made me laugh
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    See you later.

    Looks awesome! I always love the bright blue liners!!
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    Our HUGE Inground Pool Renovation

    Awesome!! Looks great!!
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    20x40 rectangle liner pool convert to cinder block/concrete pool

    Actually it is sand, but it could be concrete or vermiculite. It takes more time setting the liner in order to get it smooth with sand. I don't have a bottom drain and really don't need it with (5) returns and (2) skimmers.
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    20x40 rectangle liner pool convert to cinder block/concrete pool

    Here is my concrete block pool with a liner with no slope on the sides. I like it because you don't have to worry about hitting a diving pit. It has a gentle slope from shallow to the deep end which is also good with kids. You don't have worry about them going past the ledge and sliding quickly...
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    So Glad for this Site and Forum

    You are going to love your pool after the conversion!!. I made the change 6-7 years ago and never regretted it once. I went from $1200 + ( I would stop counting) a year on chemicals to around 200. I never worry anymore about my pool will be cloudy!!
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    Opening day 2019

    Can you please keep the rain down there? I'm in Poplar Bluff and we are really getting tired of it :) Nice pool by the way. A friend of mine had a very similar pool up here.
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    Inground Pool Ladders

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what to put on removable inground pool ladders (or in the sockets) to make them easier to remove in the fall? Does anyone else have a hard time getting them out at closing time?
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    Anyone dump their Robot?

    I have a aquabot pool rover plus and absolutely love it. It never gets stuck on anything but I don't have a bottom drain. It works better if you can reverse the turn rotation half way through the cycle to keep the cord from getting so tangled up. I just hope they have a rechargeable version by...
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    Old PS233 powder scoop

    Ignore my question....I found a close up picture of the scoop in the misc. section and it looks like it is about the same size.
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    Old PS233 powder scoop

    Can anyone tell me if the scoop that was in the PS233 is the same size as the one provide with the TFP test kit? The one I have is white and appears smaller than the blue I see on this site. I only ordered the refill so I didn't get a new scoop.
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    Finding replacement caps

    I believe I have the same type pool where the liner wraps over a 2 x 6 or 2 x 8 and the cap covers where you staple the liner down. I am replacing the liner this year and plan on putting brick coping on top of the concrete blocks and switching over to a beaded liner. This may be an option for...
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    Remodeling Pool

    Thanks Waste. I am getting quotes around 4800.00 to add the steps. Does this seem high? My pool walls are made out of concrete block and the bottom is sand so it should be fairly easly to modify the bottom (if required). Also, the pool will be empty for a week or two. Should I be concerned...
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    Remodeling Pool

    I have a couple of question as I start remodeling my 20 x 40 liner pool. 1. I picked out a dark blue granite vinyl liner. One of the pool guys bidding the project said I should stay away from the darker colors because the fading would be more noticeable in a couple of years. Has anyone had...
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    My Baquacil to BBB Conversion in Photos

    You won't regret it ..... believe me. I was spending 300 to 400 per month and the water was never clear. I've been on chlorine for 3 years now and this is far easlier and the pool always looks great. I probably don't spend 300 all summer now. Best of luck.
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    Help! Do I need a professional?

    If you post some pictures someone will be able to give you better directions. My older IG pool has a wrap over liner that is stapled to a 2 X 6 then there is a white vinyl cap that goes over it to finish it off. I can't tell if that is what you have or not.
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    When & how long to auto-vac?

    I drop my Pool Rover Plus into my 20 x 40 IG two times a week for 2 hrs. I also use it after storms or right before a pool party. This routine keeps my pool looking great.
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    Questions for owners of Aquabot Pool Rover

    Could the dirt actually be algea? The Pool Rover does not scrub it only sucks up loose particles. If it left tire tracks but didn't suck the dirt up that could be the problem. My Pool Rover will stop moving or keep going back and forth in a short distance when the filter bag gets dirty. Did the...