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    Can someone run a SWCG system in parallel?

    43k pool Jandy PLC1400 swg 1.5 hp Jandy stealth pump 1.5 inch return line CYA 60 Run time for pump 24hrs a day zone 8 East Texas My FC runs between 1 and 3 and have had some algae issues this year so was wondering if I could add a second SWG system parallel to my existing swg to get enough...
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    Mustard algae

    Came back from a trip and had 4 inch rain and a spike in temp. Pool stats after rain SWG Janet 1400 43k pool Cartridge filter Chemical check today FC 0 TC 0 Cya 18 Salt conc 2600 Ph 7.8 Alkalinity 120 Added 240 lbs salt And a 10 percent liquid chlorine After I shock and get the cya level...
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    Chlorine tablet ingredients

    A chlorine tablet advertised as 97% thichor is that going to have negligible CYA the ingredients don’t describe the the inerts.
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    Jandy check valve on main pump discharge going to spa and to circ jets

    Any other harm other than slight water loss from spa dropping level if I converted a Jandy check valve to a two way valve? And can I even do that conversation by pulling flapper on check and buying the Jandy insert kit with handle?
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    Copper Metal Stain

    Posting for a friend pic attached 15k pool 3 years old Never manages cya chlorine was more and more tablets with high circ rates Cya is plus 200 Ph was above 8 for a year but 7.5 now TA is 50 Was lower before I told him to add baking soda He added 64 oz of the frog brand algicides last...
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    Ph and chlorine efficiency

    I saw this on a different website and never halve seen this in the TFP but can’t remember everything. is this statement true? The pH in a pool or spa impacts the sanitizer efficacy of chlorine tremendously. For example, at a pH of 7.2, chlorine is 65 percent effective; at 7.8, 32 percent...
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    SWG, Ph, TA, and Aeration

    43k plaster pool w/spa built in 2009 Zone 8A Texas Current readings Ph 7.8 TA 100 CYA 50 FC 2 Circulation is through the spa and pool jets with a continuous Aeration ongoing with spa spillover as a result. With swimming season upon us I usually have to add 1 gal of acid total weekly and twice...
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    Introduction new to site trying to become more knowledgeable and share experiences but primarily draw upon those that are passionate on maintaining a stress free lower cost pool system.