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    Black Algae Help

    I see what you’re saying. Keep between 4-6 due to the CYA being 30. Got it!
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    Black Algae Help

    Thanks for the reply! I will definitely read your links. I add bleach every evening and test every couple days, so I think my FC is staying in the range. We had battled high CYA (120+) when we first bought the house and got the pool, so I have been very careful about not getting to the same...
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    Black Algae Help

    New-ish pool owner here and having trouble getting rid of black algae. (Or so I think it’s black algae). I’ve followed the steps of getting my pH down, super chlorinating, and then scrubbing the spots with a wire brush, but they keep coming back or don’t disappear entirely. I use a Taylor...
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