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    Moving from Dolphin Triton PS robot to Polaris 380/3900 plus booster pump? or not.)

    Ive been fighting my robot for a while that took a dump. Ive got a Dolphin Trinton PS, the orange color purchased in 2016 that started doing what most do, I turn on > goes forward a few feet > backs up a few feet> then stops. Ive seen the websites on fixing this issue, I went as far as opening...
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    2017 Jacuzzi J355 console has a temp reading 4 degrees low.

    We had the hot tub set at 98 and still felt the water was overly warm, so I just tested it with a high quality digital meat thermometer and two multimeters with temp prob and all three are reading 102.6 degrees. wondering if there is an adjustment to calibrate the temperature sensor or does...
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    Converting Pentair Quad DE filter to straight cartridge filter

    we have a Pentair quad filter that you have to charge with the DE powder, and Ive seen the almost same filters that just use 4 cartridge filters. wondering if I could convert our filter to just run with filters and no DE powder? are there filter cartridges that can be purchased to replace the...
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    Trying to verify Jacuzzi tub heater is working correctly, using science!

    We have a under two year Jacuzzi hot tub which uses a balboa 5.5 kW heater, 240V. lately with the cooler weather, it seems its been hard for the heater keep up with the lower air temps. Even though its been low 50's at night, we will keep tub heater to 101 so will drop normally 2 degrees, then...
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    Dolphin Triton vs Doheny Discovery-why cleaning time difference in website descripton

    Ive been looking at the two hearing they are the same but different colors so was curious, on the description for the Dolphin Triton says cleaning cycle in 2 hrs or less but the Doheny Discovery says 2.5 hours? do they both really complete the job at the same time or is the programming more...
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    2016 Jacuzzi J355 Circulation pump noise question?

    lately and I'm not sure if something has changed, but when we are in the tub, and only the circulation pump is running it makes a high pitched whine noise. the flow seems fine, waterfall and heat is working well but seems loud and we can hear it in the tub. also Ive noticed if you put your ear...
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    Jacuzzi J-355 (first winter) cant keep water temps up in cool winter (SoCal).

    We have a Jacuzzi J-355 hot tub and this is the first cold season, its less then year old, so have a question about the heater. what is happening lately, is the hot tub is set at 101 degrees, and is designed to turn on when gets down 2 degrees below set point so will turn on when down to 99...
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    Trouble getting CC (combined chlorine) levels down in hot tub.

    We have a 1 month old Jacuzzi hot tub, 400 Gal and are testing the water daily and cannot get the CC levels down below .8 and the FC levels seem to go down quick also. we use the hot tub daily, I guess the equivalent of 1.5 person/hours daily, three people use the hot tub daily, for about 30...
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    Stenner single speed pump 45 series.makes loud squeak when running.

    Ive got a single speed Stenner pump, Its the 45 series and when it runs, as the rollers spin around, you can hear them forcing the pump tube to push against the housing and cause a squeak that is really loud. we can hear it inside the house through a stucco wall. Ive changed the pump tube and...
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    Chlorine injection tube location? Before or after pool pump? Pressure or vacuum side

    I have purchased a Stenner pump and am about to start hooking it up, but not sure where to locate the injection point of the chlorine? Should it be before the pump where the pump is pulling the water? at the pump somewhere? or after the pump? If attached before the pump, there will be a bit...
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    Poolvergnuegen, pool cleaner, 2 wheell or 4 wheel?

    Im about to purchase this model pool cleaner, suction side and not sure which one to buy. We dont have a large pool, but its 16 x 30 feet, kidney shaped and the skimmer is on one end so I seem to be at the extreme for the 2 wheel so would the 4 wheel one be better? Thanks! Reese