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  1. chris4150

    what adhesive product is recommended to repair lose flag stone.

    Hello, I have noticed that sections of flag stone have come lose on our spa. A few of them are where the water over spill occurs and a few on the top beam of the spa. What is the recommended product on securing the flag stone back onto its designated spot? Thanks in advance.
  2. chris4150

    any suggestions on replacing color logic led multi light pool and spa lights with a basic white set of pool and spa lights.

    Hello, My pool and spa lights stopped working a year ago and Im debating on replacing them. However, I dont want to spend over a grand for them and really dont care if they change colors etc. Any suggestions on replacement with a basic white led or non led light for the pool and spa that wont...
  3. chris4150

    fuse keeps blowing on Hayward swim pure salt water panel.

    Hello, May salt water panel recently went dead, no lights, no power, no digital display etc. I replaced the black circular resister as previously in the past believing this was the issue and fix as previously. After swapping out the resister, I reinstalled the circuit board with all the wires...
  4. chris4150

    Anyone recognize this pool plumbing part?

    Hello, I took my salt cell off to be soaked for maintenance and noticed this item, see attached photo, inside the inlet side of the salt cell ratings against the cell fins. Based on where the plumbing filters are, I suspect it's a part that came off somewhere after the main pool filters. Any...
  5. chris4150

    Organic stain cleaning via vitamin c

    Hello all, Noticed a light stain forming in the deep end. Knew about vitamin c vs ch puck test from being a member here. Tried vitamin c and the test area turned a whitish color. I have an aqua blue pebble tech pool. Will the viamin c cause any color change to the pebble tech color. It appears...
  6. chris4150

    Gold line aquapure automated salt generator states check system cell missing

    Good evening, My neighbor's saltwater generator is giving the message "check system cell missing". I inspected the computer board and did not see any popped capacitors or anything that appeared burned out. Any suggestions? The system is an aquapure gold line automated system with a t-15 salt...
  7. chris4150

    salt reading showing -3.56

    Hello, I have a Pentair Swim Pure and I noticed that my salt reading on the panel is reading 3.56. No lights are on stating to add chlorine or to check the cell etc. just the green light power and green light generating. Ive never seen my salt go below 2000 before adding salt and Ive never...
  8. chris4150

    3/4 of an inch loss in water

    Hello all, Wanted to verify if I should be concerned. I noticed that my water level has been dropping a bit quicker than normal. As of recent Houston has been 98 degrees for several days straight, except for yesterday and today it reached 95. Be that as it may, last night I filled the...
  9. chris4150

    Hayward Pure Swim SWG panel on the hot side.

    Hello all, Decided to switch over from ozone, nature 2, and inline chlorine feeder to a SWG. Texas heat was just too much on the CYA and FC and my set up could not keep above 2 ppm over a 2 day period. That being said, I had the SWG installed and Im in the process of getting everything up to...
  10. chris4150

    Ooops, that just happened.

    Hello all, After a week of daily bather load, temperatures above 90 each day, and two days of rain, I finally got around to checking my pool chemicals and was horrified and shocked to see that my FC dropped to 0 :grrrr: :hammer: I immediately checked my PH to balance it and then confered...
  11. chris4150

    slight stinging to eyes despite good numbers

    Hello all, Yesterday I was swimming with my kiddos when I noticed that our eys had a slight sting to them. Being concerned that my water might be out of balance I checked my water via my TF 100 kit and derived the following numbers. FC 3 - a bit on the low side TC 3 PH 7.5 TA 70 CYA 50 CH 240...
  12. chris4150

    Strong water stream from polaris wall return

    Hello all, While swimming yesterday without the polaris cleaner attached to the wall, I noticed that water was expelling from the wall return much greater than the other pool returns. I realize that the opening for the polaris wall return is much smaller thus possibly explaining the strength of...
  13. chris4150

    Installing an auto refill.

    Hello all, Was wondering if adding an auto refill was possible post pool build and if so, what would be involved. Currently I manually add water, so to speak, when my water level drops, however, I dont want to worry about my levels when Im out of town or on vacation. Also, is it possible to add...
  14. chris4150

    raising my TA

    Hello all, Had to raise my TA, I added the suggested amount of baking soda to the pool water. Question, how long do I run the pumps in order for the baking soda to properly circulate and how long before I should check the TA level? Thank you for the responses. Chris
  15. chris4150

    chlorine off after immediate addition

    Hello all, Its been a while since Ive posted but Im always visiting and reading. Trying to figure out something with my chlorine recently. Here are my numbers via TF-100 and then Ill post the question. FC .5 TC .5 PH 7.8 TA 60 CH 130 CYA 30 water temp 71 Ok, I wanted to raise my FC to 4 ppm...
  16. chris4150

    Finally, a desirable solution... PICS.

    The History: first-test-with-tf-100-t11452.html the-infamous-stains-before-treatment-pics-t14861.html pb-has-offered-new-reason-for-pool-stains-what-now-t16875.html Hello all, I wanted to post an update on the final resolution with the PB. After extensive research, endless communications...
  17. chris4150

    New Pebble Tech from plaster. Is maint and care the same

    Hello to all, I recently had my pool redone with Pebble Tech and was wondering if the care is any different from when I had plaster. I have already added Jacks Magic Magenta and havd already tested the PH which needs to be brought down. Is the hardness demand going to be different than plaster...
  18. chris4150

    PB has offered new reason for pool stains.... what now

    Background/History: Hello all, For those of you who have read my earlier posts in regards to my pool stains know my dilema. Anyhow, short...
  19. chris4150

    The infamous stains before treatment....PICS

    I thought I would post pics of my "hydration stain" issue prior to the acid wash by the PB. It was a long battle but in the end it was the last resort to rid them. Not for the faint of heart....LOL...
  20. chris4150

    High CYA reading after refill.

    Hello all, Of those who have read my previous post know the issues I was having with staining. I recently had my pool drained and an acid wash conducted and now my pool plaster is stain free :party: Now its time to balance my water again. I went ahead and took a sample to Warehouse Pool...
  21. chris4150

    Chlorine odor at start up of filter pump

    I noticed yesterday that when the filter pump equipment started up a stronger than usual chlorine odor could be detected. Im still learning and was wanting to make sure what was normal and not normal with pool maintenance. I dont have a current water read to post at this time, but I did raise my...
  22. chris4150

    Increasing CH and CYA, which order and best application

    I need to add calcium chloride to raise my CH. I need to add 14 lbs to which I have the granular form. Whats the best method to add the product. I also need to raise my CYA from 20 to 40. I have conditioner in the granular form as well and need to know the best way to apply the product. Any...
  23. chris4150

    running filter without overspill from spa.

    I was wondering how I can filter my pool and return the water through my pool returns without returning water through the spa thus creating overflow into the pool. What I am wanting to test is if by reducing the spa overflow into the pool (aeration) I can keep my PH from rising. It seems that I...
  24. chris4150

    TA cranking up

    Hello all, Just conducted a home test of my pool water and discovered the following TC 2 PH 7.8 TA 160 I used the pool calculator, however, do I enter the values to lower PH or the values to lower the TA. If you shoot for 7.2 PH, I get one value for miratic, if I had the desired TA based on...
  25. chris4150

    Covering your equipment

    Is it beneficial or necessary to shade your pool equipment? ie. pumps, filter housing etc. I was wondering if erecting a shade structure over my equipment would prolong the life of the exterior of the equipment. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  26. chris4150

    sealing flag stone

    I have a flag stone edge on my pool and Im wanting to seal the stone. Is this possible to do if the pool is already filled. I guess what I am wondering is if any of the sealer gets into the pool water will thier be any adverse effects.
  27. chris4150

    How to drain excess water.

    This may seem like an odd question but Im new at this, Currently we are having heavy amounts of rain and my pool water level is rising quit quickly, therefore, how do I drain some of the water off. I was never informed on how to do this in the event my water level reached overflow capacity. Im...
  28. chris4150

    First test with TF-100

    Alleged hydration stains. Hello to all, Im new to this site as of today and in need of help. I recently had a free form plaster pool built in November of 2008 by Anthony and Sylvan. Less than a month after the plaster was completed the "pool school" guy came over and noticed blue hues in my...