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  1. dhane3

    Got my TF-100 Kit today!

    Really quick delivery! My test results- Cl 5 Ph 7.8-8.2 (hard for me to determine which color is closer) CC 4.5 TC 9.5 TA 100 (not sure on this since I was looking for red but it was pink and just kept getting darker pink) CYA 40 I think these numbers are good? Much appreciation to this forum!
  2. dhane3

    Leaf net or mesh net for very large Oak

    My AGP has been up a few days and so far looks good, thanks to this forum. I knew from the start that my very large, mature, Oak tree will constantly drop leaves, sticks, and pollen. Right now, the leaves aren't too much trouble, but, looking forward I know they will be and I want to be...
  3. dhane3

    CYA sock method question

    My CYA is not detectable. I have a sock hanging with 3 c. of cya. PoolMath said to add 28 oz. My FC is 2/4. I added 2 cups of 10% chlorine (before I did the PoolMath). PoolMath said to add 11 oz. My question is, if I need to add 28 oz of cya, and it's in a sock dissolving very slowly, do I need...
  4. dhane3

    Retaining wall blocks for support under AGP pool

    I have a lot of these on hand. Will these work for support under the legs?
  5. dhane3

    Hoping to set up ABG today

    My ground is sandy. I put visqueen over leveled area and then 5 bags of moist play sand on top. Clearly isn’t enough sand. Should I just buy more sand? Or just scrap this plan and lay down 2 tarps? Ugh
  6. dhane3

    Hello from Florida!

    Hoping to set up a 16’x48” Summer Waves pool today. Funds (and stamina) are limited so I’ve been trying to figure out simplest and most economical way to do this. I’ve been reading a lot from this site and watched various YouTube videos. I’ve learned a lot already! Thank you all!