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  1. Paxcou

    No cover for the winter : New Jersey

    First I would want to thanks this community: it's my second year following your advice. I bought last March x gallons of chlorine. I have been through the season without adding almost anything else than the chlorine, one time soda ash and at the beginning of the season a bit of cyanuric acid for...
  2. Paxcou

    Losing 3 psi pressure

    My sand filter pressure is usually at 20psi. I have always seen the pressure increasing slightly which is an indication that the filter requires a backwash. However for the first 2 years i have noticed yesterday that the pressure has slightly decreased to 17 psi. As i have never...
  3. Paxcou

    Smart Pool Light : sharing the idea !

    My light was full of water, rather than to spend hundreds of dollars I fixed it, there was a leak due to the seal. I removed the rust, clean everything, reconditioned the rubber, use magic lubb and change the bulb with a 250 watts bought in hole depot for $15 rather than the $60 to $80 the pool...
  4. Paxcou

    Opening pool : green, smelly and full of worms

    I have opened my pools 3 weeks later than last year and used exactly bathe same.pricesd last fall to close it. Last year i opened to a beautiful crystal clear water (almost), this year is very different: - strong smell - color: green - already took a large quantity of worms - CYA test could be...
  5. Paxcou

    Replacing the light inground pool

    My light bulb is full of water and need to be replaced. I cannot get the cable out. First question : what light on budget would you recommend (120v)? Second question : as i cannot get the cable out could I use this kind of device that are said to be ip68 waterproof?
  6. Paxcou

    Icy pool

    With all the rain and the snow the last few days, my pool seems to have a pretty high level and ice is building up. Should I worried about it ? Second year pool owner here. Icy pool
  7. Paxcou

    pH high : difficulty to define the next steps

    I am about to close my pool. I had chlorine to the shock level to the pool three days ago with 3 gallons of chlorine. I checked this morning the PH and it's very high, in the purple, and I have hard time to use the acid demand agent to get into the pink/red. It becomes blue and then turn...
  8. Paxcou

    Outage that lay last few days, what should I do ?

    Severe outage here in Jersey. Probably few days as trees have felt all over the place. What should.i do to keep the water in good condition as it is today as the filter may not work for few days ?
  9. Paxcou

    Water test results after 1 week addressing mustard algae

    I have been able following the recommendations here to get rid in less than a week of a beginning of algae growing in my pool. The water is now Crystal clear, I will see if the FC is going down during the night but for the last two days the water is visually clearly better. I have run my test...
  10. Paxcou

    DE in dans filter

    I have a sand filter, it said on the label 3.1 Ft2 for the effective filtration area. I am adding DE as my water is not super clear (I am getting rid of algae before it got worst for the last 2 days. Based in everything I read I should add approximately 1/2 pound of DE and make sure the gauge...
  11. Paxcou

    Running out R0870 R0871

    I got for the first time since March a bit of algae in my pool yesterday. I added 2.5 gallons of chlorine yesterday and filter for couple of hours. Today I have added two bags of shock. I have ordered few days ago refill of R0870 and R0871. However, I have no more today and it will take 10 more...
  12. Paxcou

    Aerating to increase pH without interfering with TA

    This morning after a big storm, the pH was pretty high (9.2). Yesterday was perfect. My TA was 90. I thought I would lower the pH with muriatic acid below the ideal then increasing it aerating to keep tbe TA to the 70 target. This afternoon I am where I was hoping to be ...
  13. Paxcou

    Liquid chlorine substitute

    I still have few gallons of liquid chlorine however anticipated the need, I like to keep a small stock so when I finished 3 gallons I order 3 more and always have 6 gallons at home. I cannot find anywhere liquid chlorine in home depot Lowe's etc... If I don't find liquid chlorine (which I...
  14. Paxcou

    Outstanding protocol and fantastic support

    Last year I bought a house and took care of the pool by going back and forth to the pool shop. This year k am using my kit and the information provided here. Since March, my water is Crystal clear. I have used bleach, a bit if muriatic acid, a bit of soda ash. The result is beyond my imagination...
  15. Paxcou

    Solar sun squares

    Anyone using the solar sun squares from doheny ? Is it working ? Looking for a way to save chlorine and to heat the water with the sun. I have a kidney shape pool.
  16. Paxcou

    Sta-Rite heater problem error E01

    I have (again) an error E01 on my sta-rite screen. I have replaced few months ago the thermistor, I looked at it it still in perfect shape. I tested it with my Ohmmeter and set it on the 20k scale, I got a reading of 14 on my thermistor, which is perfect. I followed the cable to the board, and...
  17. Paxcou

    Which model is compatible

    I have currently the Hayward Vari-flo so71 as shown on the picture. Which model is compatible if I need to replace it ? hayward variflo sp71 When I search online I see different 71*** models. Thanks !
  18. Paxcou

    Water heater recommendation

    My sta-rite is dying. I am looking for a replacement. What water heater would you recommend for an ingroud pool 18000 gallons and a minimum budget with great expectations ? ;-) Thanks for your help !
  19. Paxcou

    Budget winter pool cover for kidney shape pool

    What would be the cheapest and still reliable winter cover I could get for a ingroud kidney shape pool ? Share should.i look ? Thanks !
  20. Paxcou

    Low CSI and question about applying chemicals

    Here are my most recent result with the K-2006 test. Build Type: Vinyl Volume: 18000 gallons ------------------------------------------ Latest Test Result Summary: FC: 3.0 (23 minutes ago) CC: 0.0 (23 minutes...
  21. Paxcou

    No bubble out from the spa jet

    I have 3 jets on the steps on one side of the pool that are usually making bubble. The water pressure is good and I turn on what seems to regulate the spa Jets (see picture). I have seen similar question but with the system I have I am not sure how I can apply some fix I have seen. No bubble...
  22. Paxcou

    Pressure seems to be lower and tiny sound from the too of the filter

    Since I have opened my pool few days ago, I have noticed : - no bubble are coming from the 3 jets I have in the steps which are usually filled with bubbles - the water pressure from my jet seems to be lower, it's a feeling the movement of the water just seems to be at a lower speed than usually...
  23. Paxcou

    Pool number of gallons : getting it right

    Pool number of gallons My pool has a kidney shape. It is probably 3 feet deep in the shallow and 9 in the deep. It's 32 feet long (around) and 20 large (depends from where as it is not a regular shape). It's going deep pretty quickly when it starts to go deep probably around 13 feet from...
  24. Paxcou

    First CYA test

    I have just texted for the first time the CYA with the k-2006 test. CYA measure pool opening The result seems to be extremely high. I put the solution until the black for disappeared. What should I do ?
  25. Paxcou

    Gauge problem

    I just opened my pool. Everything went fine but I have noticed that the pressure remained at 0. When I look closely I notice that the indicator got on tbe wrong side of the 0 limit so it cannot go above 0. Very weird. Should I buy a new gauge or can I fix this ? Gauge problem:
  26. Paxcou

    Before buying chemicals: reviewing my order

    I have done my homework and read lot of messages here to understand how to take care of my 28,000 gallons inground pool. I am ready to pass my order for the chemicals I will use, I am looking at to do it right as described here and with the best product/quantity for my money. Here is my order...
  27. Paxcou

    Getting ready for the season

    I would like to buy in advance bulk quantity of chemicals I will need over the season for my sand filter chlorine 28,000 gallons pool in New Jersey. It will be my second year as a pool owner and first time without purchasing after every test the products suggested by tbe pool shop. The idea is...
  28. Paxcou

    Liquid chlorine and shock

    I read everything on the website, bug I still have some clarification questions. Sorry for my naivety ! I am a one year pool owner. Last year I was able to take care of it myself by testing the water at the pool shop, and closing in my own. This year I will test it myself, open myself etc...
  29. Paxcou

    New home owner enjoying the DIY movement

    New home owner for z year now, I have enjoyed a lot taking care of our new home, gardening, lawn, alarms system, car maintenance, sprinkler system, pool, etc... I have done so far everything on my own and I really enjoy this journey of learning and exploring. For the pool I did not higher...
  30. Paxcou

    Second season being a pool owner, chemicals and maintenance questions

    I two months I will open my pool, still early in the season but my understanding is the sooner is the better to get the water quality back on track quicker with less chemicals to add to it. I have a mesh cover and I have noticed that the water has a pretty high level (the mesh is touching the...