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  1. Jenn13

    How much of a “close” in Raleigh, NC

    I’ve reviewed the closing procedures link, shared here. but I’m trying to figure out where we fall into the levels of closing being here in Raleigh. We’ve been in Raleigh for almost 5 years. I’m that time, we’ve had 1 big snow & ice storm. But since, it’s just dusting of snow & some cold snaps I...
  2. Jenn13

    New to TFP, learning my AGP in Raleigh, NC

    Hi TFP! We had our 24’ AGP installed in May & have spent the summer sweating while digging in pavers, rocks, edging & enjoying floating to cool off! I’m not sure what stuff is relevant - but here’s what I know about our pool: 🏊‍♀️ we have a 24’, 54” wall, “Antigua” pool (don’t remember the...