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  1. Finley

    Chlorine won’t go down, CYA won’t go up

    Hi, I have an Intex Easy Set 15 ft and I shocked it Saturday evening. 48 hours later I still have 10+ ppm and no CYA even though I keep adding it from my dissolving bucket. What should I do? I started with the Clorox app and test strips but am learning the pool math app so I attached screenshots...
  2. Finley

    Drain and refill. Vinyl pool without a tarp, and sand question

    We had our land professionally leveled, but our 15x48 Easy Set pool was about 5 inches off level. Of course, we are draining it, and the landscaper is coming back this week to fix it for no charge. This time around we’re deciding not to use the tarp underneath the pool. It looks messy, even...
  3. Finley

    Questions after reading ABCs

    I just read and took notes on the ABCs section of Pool School. Before I move on to the next section, I have a couple questions: What is an example of a product that I can use to add salt to my water? I will not be using a SWG. When I google water softener, I see a lot of calcium hardness...
  4. Finley

    What to do after leveling?

    Hi, I just had a circle for my 15x48 Intex Easy Set leveled by a landscaper. He said to use a pair of old sneakers duct taped to a pair of old flip flops and stamp on the sand right before I install the pool. Is this because the sand could blow around because of wind, rain, etc and not be as...
  5. Finley

    Putting in the new pool soon!

    I introduced myself when I first started my account here, but I've been gone doing lots of research and haven't posted. I wanted to re-introduce myself. Next week a landscaper is coming to level our ground (we didn't want to DIY) and I have the 15x48 Intex Easy Set pool here and ready to install...
  6. Finley

    What do I put under my pool?

    I have been using this forum search and Google to understand my options, but I wanted to see what you recommend for my pool and my situation. My pool: I want to get a round Intex Ultra or Intex Ultra XTR. My yard: Flat, with grass. My options: Putting it on the grass, using sand, or buying a...
  7. Finley

    Hello from Massachusetts!

    Hi, I'm happy to be here. My husband and I just bought our first house last fall and I want my first ever pool. I'm here to learn how to do everything, I'm starting as a complete beginner. Nice to meet you all!