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  1. Nicholasboiss

    Add chlorine just once a day?

    Moved from here. Quick follow up - is the point here to make sure the FC level is always above minimum #? Should I be testing throughout the day, like I did when I was SLAMMING? My plan is to test every evening, adjust to get the level up, run the filter for a couple hours... and repeat the...
  2. Nicholasboiss

    Skim Vac Plate Issues

    Hello, new to the forum, so I am trying to get all my questions out. I am attempting to use a Skim Vac plate, to vacuum my pool. When I put the adapter onto the skimmer, quickly, I get suction, but I can hear air swirling around and I get about 4 minutes of vacuuming before the adapter pops off...
  3. Nicholasboiss

    Want to do it right this year!

    Hello all, Newbie here. We have a 28ft, 18,500 gallon above ground vinyl pool. I opened on Saturday and have been attempting clean it out in the past couple days. I've added some chlorine just at the beginning and some conditioner based on advice I saw before my test kit came in. My K-2006C kit...