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  1. EmmaApp

    Size of Speed Stirrer magnet

    Quick question Our Taylor Speed Sir magnet got "blown" away by over-enthusiastic roofers... There are replacements on Amazon, but I'm wobbling on the size. 1-inch?
  2. EmmaApp

    Travertine... or ceramic???

    We were dead-set on Travertine coping for our pool renovation. Until we couldn't go to the regular places (National Pool Tile and Master Tile in Houston) without an appointment and our pool builder - not to mention they're all closed on Saturday! We found ourselves in a small, independent...
  3. EmmaApp

    Starting out on a renovation

    Our 17-yr old pool in NW Houston was not looked after well by previous owners and is in serious need of renovation. But I didn't realize it was going to involve so many decisions! The advice from TFP has been invaluable to us over the last three years and now I'm hoping you can come through and...
  4. EmmaApp

    Jandy Pro Series JXi Gas-fired Pool and Spa Heater 400btu - VersaFlo error

    Hi folks We got a new heater installed just over a week ago and have had some very pleasant evenings. However, we had an ignition error on Thursday (I managed to fix that) Now, we have a "check VersaFlo" fault. We've had issues with air in the tank/system, so I bled that. The filters were...
  5. EmmaApp

    Black/grey shadow on porous rocks above water line

    HI Not sure if it's "black algae"... We have a blackish shadow on porous rocks above the waterline, but I think it's affecting the FC/CC levels. I did a SLAM ending in an OCLT of 0.6ppm and CC of 0. The brand new jandy SWCG is set at 50% and is "maintaining" FC at 7 (I'm deliberately...
  6. EmmaApp

    Jandy Aquapure 1400 - R.I.P.

    Our Jandy SWCG appears to have completely given up the ghost. Following a thorough cleaning and 24-hours on 100% I've tested the water by loosening up the return connection to the cell and the FC is 0.4 - also 0.4 in the pool. The cell is about 5 years old. I put a couple of gallons of bleach...
  7. EmmaApp

    Jandy Aquapure Pro Series question

    Our Jandy SWCG is starting to fail. Do we have to replace the whole thing or is there a replacement part we can purchase for a cheaper price?
  8. EmmaApp

    Sand stone sealant DIY

    We bought a house with a pool a couple of years ago. The (Texas) sand stone that makes up all of the visible coping and water features is really soft and porous and erroding away. It was (apparently) sealed the year we moved in, but I doubt it. We have constant sand in our pool from stone...
  9. EmmaApp

    Best place for filters

    This is our first time ordering replacement filters for our Pentair Clean and Clear Cartridge filter. I've seen prices ranging from $140 (+S&H) to $300+ Are there any recommended suppliers or anywhere to stay away from? Also, what should I be looking for in terms of brand, type, filter...
  10. EmmaApp

    High Salt

    Darn-it! I go out of town for a weekend and EVERYTHING goes to heck! Why oh why do people mess with my pool?! I thought I'd trained my husband well-enough to not touch anything! He decided to clean the filter (which we've done ourself for the last 2 years), but this time he had to contend with...
  11. EmmaApp

    Pentair Intelliflow VS pump "offline" on iAqualink

    We had some pumping issues at the weekend and my Husband pressed a lot of buttons. Now we can't control the Pentair VS Pump with the iAqualink. It's set to "schedule" but only runs when you press one of the 4 speed setting on the pump itsself. What has he done? We can still operate the water...
  12. EmmaApp

    Deteriorating coping

    Hello wonderful TFP family! Firstly, let me say - I wouldn't be the proud owner of a 24,000 gallon pristine pool without y'all.... If I hadn't found this site last year when we bought this house, I would probably be cowering in a dark corner, bottle of cheap vodka in hand, crying over the...
  13. EmmaApp

    Coping sealed?

    We need the stones/coping to be sealed or preserved to last a little longer. Any ideas??
  14. EmmaApp

    Pool vacuum for spot cleaning.

    We have a polaris that we have no intention of getting rid of yet. But he (aka Jasper) doesn’t get into some areas of our pool and I’m thinking of getting a pool vacuum that can be used to spot clean. The biggest problem we have is sand from the old stones, so it would need to handle that...
  15. EmmaApp

    Slide treatments

    We have a older pool that will need an overhaul in the next couple of years. But is there any treatment we can put on the slide to stop it ripping up suits in the meantime? Thanks folks.
  16. EmmaApp

    Pool pump suggestions please

    We recently installed solar panels to help our electrical bills and take advantage of the SE Texas sun. We’ve noticed on our consumption readings that our daytime energy consumption is very high (especially considering no one is home), and came to realise that it’s the pool. Specifically our...
  17. EmmaApp

    Test chemicals expiry

    As long as my test kit is stored correctly (cool, dry, dark), how long can the reagents last? Are there any that lose their efficacy quicker than others? I’m just about to buy 2oz refills and would like to know if it’s worth it. Thanks
  18. EmmaApp

    Test kit refills

    Anyone know where the best value refills can be found? Or is it a little early in the season? Amazon? Wait for spring sales? In SE Texas I’m starting to get back in to testing more regularly... but I ran out of a few things at the end of the season..... ...... don’t shoot me, but I have been...
  19. EmmaApp

    Need a new pool heater....

    So, I'm discovering that pool heaters are like learning the pool chemistry (which I'm pretty darn good at now - if I do say so myself!) Please guide me in the right direction so I have somewhere to start! In Houston TX, 25,000 gal saltwater inground pool with spa. We currently have a Jandy...
  20. EmmaApp

    Possible skimmer blockage

    Howdy folks Harvey came knocking at my door this week, and although we escaped unscathed, the pool has a lot of junk blown into it. I've got the chemistry looking better, and our pool store opened today allowing me to load-up on salt (along with 1/2 of NorthWest Houston apparently) and Muriatic...
  21. EmmaApp

    Prepping for the storm

    Ok wise, all-knowledgable folks. Everyone's talking about this fella called Harvey who's going to throw some wind and water at Houston. Are there any steps I need to take to prep the pool for the onslaught? The deck is already clear of anything that moves. Thanks from a soggy NW Houston Em
  22. EmmaApp

    Algae at and above waterline

    We have a very soft, porous rock as part of our pool. It sheds sandy material that the Polaris cleans up nicely... but it's recently got really green with slimy algae. (Sorry no photo) I knew there was a problem when FC dropped. We literally poured the bleach into the pool over the green...
  23. EmmaApp

    Here we go again: Jandy 1400 not producing chlorine

    When we moved into the house 2 months ago, I struggled to get on top of the pool chemistry, but the chlorine levels just didn't seem to be maintaining with just the SWCG. Finally a technician realized that the salinity sensor was calibrated too high, so he adjusted it. I think he may have...
  24. EmmaApp

    Backwashing... what is it?

    So.... now that I've got my SWCG working and chemicals balanced, I'm starting to notice other terminologies that I don't understand. Backwashing and replenishing DE (diatamacious earth?) Is it something to do with the filter? What does it do, why do you do it.... and how? I have a pentair...
  25. EmmaApp

    SWCG Panel needs replacing after less than 2 years?!?!

    We deduced that our SWCG wasn't producing chlorine. So called Home Warranty people, they sent out the cheapest bidders possible who said salt cell looks good, probably a problem with the board as they only last about 2 years! Is this accurate? The pool was converted to Saltwater less than 2...
  26. EmmaApp

    Already out of CYA reagent!

    Hi I've been using my Taylor K-2006 kit with for about 10 days (maybe 5 tests in that time as I've been having trouble balancing and keeping chlorine) The kit came with 2x small bottles of CYA reagent and I'm already through one! I'm about to order a backup, but before I do, is there anything...
  27. EmmaApp

    How do I know of my controller is communicating with the Cell?

    We closed on our new home with pool almost three weeks ago, and have been battling some chemistry issues.... the main one has been getting and maintaining chlorine! Here's the thing: In the house, the Aquapure controller tells us that we've adjusted chlorine production % or that we've set it to...
  28. EmmaApp

    Salt water newbie in Houston - I thought this would be easy!

    Hi everyone from a very hot and humid Houston, where a pool sounds such a great idea! Background: we just bought a 15-yr old house with a 13-yr old pool that was converted to saltwater at some point with a Jandy pro series. It is an inground, 20,000-25,000 gallon pool with spa, slide, small...