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  1. Athlon646464

    Just had SWG installed and have a couple of questions

    I've always had a metal problem that Metal Magic will take care of most of the time for me. I usually have to treat the pool once a year or so, and I do a monthly maintenance according to the directions on the bottle. It has always worked great for me. With the addition of a new SWG (never...
  2. Athlon646464

    Which model - and can I make it fit?

    Been a while since I've posted - the TFP method is so easy for me I haven't had to! I'd like to change to salt. Would the CircuPool RJ-30 PLUS or CORE-35 make sense for me? Or something else? (See my sig.) Also - with the 11" or 12" inch rule - I may not have the space. Please see my...
  3. Athlon646464

    Ferri-Tabs & Slime Bag Experiment & Review

    I just ordered 2 jugs of Ferri-Tabs and plan to use them and report my findings here. (By the way, I am not affiliated in any way with Ferri-Tabs the 'guy' who sells them or the Slime Bag company. He has a deal at 2 jugs for $30 with free shipping for a limited time.) After spending a few...
  4. Athlon646464

    Polyquat 60 Recommendation

    I found this Polyquat 60 at Amazon, and because I have Amazon Prime I can get it shipped for free as well as what appears to be another 20% off. Looks like a pretty good deal to me. I'm about to to an AA treatment because of some liner staining, so I'm thinking I'll need some of this. I...
  5. Athlon646464

    Pump Motor 'Frozen'

    This morning I shut off the motor to change the valve to the backwash position. When I turned the motor back on, all I got was a humming noise. I've tried it with the valve in all positions. The motor felt hot to the touch, by the way. I let it cool down for about 90 minutes and tried it...
  6. Athlon646464

    I ordered from on Friday and my TF-100, XL upgrade & SpeedStir arrived today! All packed in a very well protected box. I chose the least expensive shipping method...... I just wanted to say I'm impressed with their great service and kit!! :cheers:
  7. Athlon646464

    Mystery - What is it? - With pics

    This was stuck in my return port (my pool has one return port). I had to remove the 'jet' to get it out. Do you recognize what it might be from? I hope it's not from an internal piece of my filter! It's somewhat pliable, like a semi-soft plastic or a very hard leather material. The nickel...
  8. Athlon646464

    2 problems - Metal stains & possible bad filter?

    Last Sunday night, knowing we were going away until Thursday night, I raised my FC to 13 to carry me through while we away. In the meantime my daughter scheduled a pool party for Friday for all of her friends. My FC dropped to 3.5, it was hot and sunny here while we were gone...
  9. Athlon646464

    Would this be a good sequestrant for me?

    I'm about to follow the instructions in post #1 here. Would this be a good sequestrant for me? It seems like a good deal. ... 003TY0PA4/
  10. Athlon646464

    First Post - Green Cloudy Water

    Hello! I think I'm going to be happy I found you all!! I've been following the advice of my pool store (they also put in the pool 12 years ago) since day one. Last year I could never get the water sparkling clear as in years past. If perfect is a 10, I could not get past 8 or 9 all year...