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    Jandy bundled warranty?

    Does Jandy offer a longer warranty when you buy a bundle of equipment together and have it professionally installed? I couldn’t find any information about this on their website. Thanks :)
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    Pentair vs Jandy Components: Price difference?

    We are in the middle of construction, and we need to change from Pentair Components, to Jandy components due to supply issues. Out PB explained the Jandy components below are more expensive than the Pentair components, but he would cut us a break and do an even exchange. I always understood...
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    Plaster Discoloration

    Any updates on your project? When did you first notice the uneven or dirty appearance - before they filled it with water, or much later after startup? We just had quartzscapes Mariner Blue installed, and noticed some blotchiness before filling it. For this quartzscapes finish, do they alway...
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    Stonescapes mini pebble vs micro pebble vs PolishedScapes vs QuartzScapes

    I just spoke with NPT. Polishedscapes base is not in stock, but it may be in September or October. Has anybody heard otherwise?
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    Stonescapes MiniPebble, upgrade to Quartzscapes ?

    Our PB explained that there is about a 20% cost increase to upgrade from Stonescapes MiniPebble, to Quartzscapes (the color tier is the same - the least costly tier). Does this seem accurate? Several other posters have stated that Quartzscapes is less expensive than Minipebble, for the same...
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    Quartzcapes vs Stonescapes

    What is the price difference between the minipebble and quartzscapes? Our PB is charging 20% more -$1,000- for Quartzscapes over minipebble (both at the least expensive color tier)
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    Quartzcapes vs Stonescapes

    Did he tell you what kind of problems people were experiencing with Stonescapes Micropebble? We are deciding between the minipebble and micropebble.
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    NPT StoneScapes Micropebble Experience

    I found a post in the forums about a contractor advising not to use micropebble. Are there any known problems with it? Any input would help! Also, how much more expensive is it than mini pebble?
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    LED Color Light

    We will be installing a color-changing LED light in place of the old halogen light, in our small to medium size pool. Our PB recommended the Jandy RGBW light. But we have read reviews that you cannot set the light to only red or only blue. Is this accurate? What are the top LED color...
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    Stonescapes Mini Pebble Bizarre Upcharge??

    Thanks! That's a great recommendation. I will call NPT to verify he is authorized. What are the potential downsides if he is not an authorized installer? Would NPT void the warranty if he is not an authorized installer? I may have difficulty getting out of the contract, but would if using...
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    Stonescapes Mini Pebble Bizarre Upcharge??

    We signed a contract to install Stonescapes mini pebble (the color wasn't specified at the time). We are in the in demolition phase now. My understanding was that I could select any color on the Stonescapes Mini Pebble website. When we told our PB that we selected Zanzibar minipebble, he...