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    Water boatman but algae extremely unlikely

    For the past two days I've seen a handful of water boatman alive in the pool and a few in the skimmer. Based on my reading they are a sign of algae. I don't believe that's the case in my pool because they showed up right after a hard rain for most of the weekend but I had my chlorine level...
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    Pro-Clor Liquid Pool Shock

    Our local menards switched from Splash to Pro-Clor Liquid Pool Shock. Any experience with this brand? I didn't think to check the date codes, but if you are familiar with that I'm interested too.
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    Warrior SL vs Dolphin E10?

    I just hung up with Marina and the Pentair Warrior SL was reccomended. Best I can tell, the only difference is the warranty on the Pentair is 1 and the Dolphin 2 years. Is the warranty worth the cost savings?
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    Winterize Hayward heater

    We had our pool installed last month, just in time for a little bit of use and thoughts about closing it. I have search the internet and read the manual but I have not been able to find any detailed instructions or videos on how to winterize a hayward heater. Ours in hard plumbing to gas so...
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    Chemicals Required at Closing

    Moved from HERE That begs the question, exactly what chemicals at what level are reccomended at closing? This is our first winter as our pool was just installed last month.