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    MA addition

    When I add acid, I usually add at about 7.8 ph or so, and get it down to about 7.3, or low enough where it does not cause CSI to get too far in the negative. I've noticed that the next evening when I test for ph, it has jumped to 7.5 or even 7.6. Then it will sit between 7.5 and 7.7 for...
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    CYA and CH question

    My CYA is currently sitting at 45 and my CH at 400. Will these numbers trend up or down with splash out and fill water? My fill water has a CH of 80. I'm just wondering if I should expect these numbers to increase or decrease over time. I would think the CYA would slowly go down, but the CH...
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    Pebble sheen is plaster, right?

    First time pool owner, went with the blue granite pebble sheen finish. The pool builder, who otherwise we have been very happy with, classified pebble sheen and plaster as completely different finishes, which I understand, but he then basically told me there was not any plaster in my pebble...