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    How bad will it be without a cover

    So every year I close our pool fairly late in the year and then open it fairly early. I try to keep the water temperature low and so far I've yet to have to even vacuum the pool when opening. That being big of a surprise am I in for if I wait until most leaves have fallen and...
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    Cloudy. Algae? Pollen?

    Hi all Looking for some thoughts.. Over the past 2 months my pool hasn't had much loving. The water temp hasn't gone above 65 or so but I've been on top of my chemicals. My FC never dropped below 3ppm, my pH is a solid 7.6 and my cya is 30. I have a 2 speed pump and a 250lb sand filter I run...
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    Liner age and re-streching

    I've always read that once a liner is installed you need to keep the pool full or the liner will shrink and likely not -re-strech. Can anyone provide a little more detail on that? I.E. how old is old? Would a 4 month old liner likely be fine if removed and reinstalled? Are there any tricks...
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    Urine and other chemicals

    Hi all, My boss is asking me if there's any affordable and practical way to actually filter urine, and whatever chemicals urine breaks down into out of a pool from fc. I'm guessing something like an RO system could do it, but I'm sure that isn't affordable for a swimming pool. Charcoal...
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    Misleading horsepower?

    Hi all, I don't recall this being talked about but I wanted to ask about something I noticed recently. I'm using a Hayward Matrix 1.5HP 2 speed pump. A good friend recently bought a AquaPro 2HP pump. I compared 3 pumps. My dad's Hayward Powerflow II 1HP from 1990 which stated 12A @ 115V on...
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    How much FC shock?

    Hi all, A good friend is filling his pool with relatively clean water from a stream to avoid using his shallow well. The water is going through a 50 micron filter before going into the pool. I felt once it's full he should get his FC up to 12ppm and start adding CYA. He's going to get me a...
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    Add chlorine with cover on?

    Hi all, So I ran out of time and didn't get what I wanted to done today and I want to know what's best. I raised my water level and got my pump running but didn't get the winter cover off yet. It looks like rain for the next few days. Should I add some bleach or just leave the water alone...
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    I guess sooner or later I'll get the pool closed. We're getting down to 25 tonight. The good news is we finally got the stairs out, and the water will be good and cold again when I put the cover on.
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    Replacing skimmer

    Hi all, If I decide to replace my skimmer face, do I need to worry about the liner pulling down from the opening when I remove the screws? I have a Hayward widemouth skimmer and this is the pools second season. It's a steel wall with a 20 mil liner.
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    Running all winter?

    I'm not sure if this is the best section for this, but it's something I've wondered about for a while. How cold could it get out before a pool had an issue, assuming the pump runs 24/7? I'm thinking the first thing that would happen is ice would film over the top, but at what point would it...
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    Sensitive skin

    Hi all, I'm not sure the best section to post this in but it seemed to fit the deep end. Is there anything that can be done to make a pool easier on sensitive skin? My youngest has eczema and often scratches up a storm after being in the pool. I'm told water often does this in general but...
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    Taylor 2006 small size

    I like this much more than my larger C size kit. I wish they sold it this way....
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    Tap water has a high TA

    I'm over here wondering if I've been missing half the picture? My tap water has a high TA so after adding any quantity I need to add muriatic acid to bring the pH down. My method has been to add some acid and wait a day and then check my pH. If it seems reasonable keep an eye on it and expect...
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    Is it algae?

    I opened our pool when the water was still in the 40s and it was nice and clear. I never vacuumed because it didn't seem like it needed it. I try to keep my FC between 2-4 ppm with a CYA of 20-30 and pH of 7.6. I know I should've vacuumed but I've had so much going on I just haven't. We get...
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    Huge agp skimmers?

    I keep seeing pictures of AGP with these huge skimmers hanging on the sides. What's the deal with those? I have a Hayward widemouth and it looks tiny compared to these things, they almost touch the ground. I wish I had saved a picture because now I can't find one.
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    Skimmer faceplate crack

    I guess this is a simple one. Basically I need to fix this, but do you think it could wait until the fall when I drain the pool to close for the winter? As far I know it's not leaking. Yet.
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    Swimming during SLAM?

    pH 7.6 steady for about a week now CYA 35 FC was 2.0 CC 1.9 Blood pressure : high when I saw all of that cc. Everyone had just gotten out of the pool. Is that level expected after swimming or am I right to be upset? I added enough bleach to bring my fc up to 14 around 9pm. If the kids want...
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    Perfect water

    Hi all, Last fall I had posted some questions regarding PH etc. My PH at that time was measuring very high, over 8 I guess, I couldn't tell how high. The problem was I had already drained below the skimmer and return and increased my FC getting ready to cover the pool. Anyway, I pulled the...
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    K-2006 chemicals

    Hi all, I kind of need some opinions I have a K-2006C that's on its third season. Most of my chemicals are expired. I just looked and to replace only the DPD, powder, CYA and PH chemicals I'm looking at pretty much the same as a whole new K-2006 A size. I'm considering this because I guess...
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    PH high when closing

    Hi all, I want to close today but I've been ignoring my pH for a while. I've had the solar cover off for about a month and I guess the pH crept up on me. I don't know how high it is, but it's at least 8. That said the water is clean and the pool is clean. Am I safe to cover it for the...
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    Water temperature vs growth

    With winter approaching in my area it has me wondering a few things that I haven't been able to find. Is there a chart anywhere showing how fast things grow vs water temperature? Does required chlorine PPM drop or does consumption drop with water temperature? At what water temperature is...
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    New filter pressure gauge

    My few month old Hayward pressure gauge isn't working anymore. For some reason I'm not surprised. Can anyone recommend a really good gauge for this application? My system runs 2 psi most of the time and 15 psi in high stage so I'm thinking a 30psi gauge is perfect but I don't know what will...
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    Sand vs DE vs Cartridge vs reality

    I understand there's going be all kinds of opinions, facts and bias on this subject. But. I've had an argu.............discussion with a close friend several times and I wanted some outside opinions on the matter. My friend swears by his DE filter. I've always used sand filters. That's...
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    DIY solar heaters? Any info?

    Hi all, I keep struggling with getting our pool to a comfortable temperature. I'm using a solar blanket and reel and that's become a huge pain to deal with as well. I'm curious if there's any info out there on making home made solar heaters, maybe out of black PVC pipe etc. I'd need to know...
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    Hayward AGP return aerator?

    Does anyone make a fitting to turn the Hayward SP1023 into an aerator? I was thinking about taking a 1.5" fitting and drilling a hole into it and then gluing a tube into it to go just above the water line. But I'd prefer an actual "device" make for the application. Mine won't be good if...
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    PH actually changed

    I know this is discussed endlessly but I'm a bit confused and I'm sure someone may have an idea. My tap water seems to always have a high TA. Usually around 180. I used muriac acid to bring my TA and PH down at which point my TA stayed around 120 and my PH was solid at 7.6 for weeks. Nothing...
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    Keeping solar cover clean

    I did a search and didn't seem to really find anything specific on this. I use a cover every day as our area cools off a lot at night so it just seems to be a must unless you're running a heater. Even with the cover I'm barely breaking 80F. Anyway, The cover is getting a bit dirty on top. My...
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    Why so much conflicting FC info

    Everywhere I look there's different rules for chlorine. Why?! Here's the instructions on the back of a bottle of Walmart pool bleach. 1 to 3 ppm without stablizer but only 1 to 1.5 with stablizer? Wheres that come from? 1
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    Taylor CYA test

    Hi all, Every time I try to test my CYA using my K-2006C kit I'm always left with the same unsure feeling. Am I making this test more difficult than necessary or is there a better way to test CYA?
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    Bleach vs calcium hypo smell

    Hi all, I'm not sure if this is the best category for this, but I think it may be. My CYA is around 30% and I run between 2-3.5PPM FC. My CC is 0. PH is steady at 7.6 and TA is 120 after a gallon of muriatic acid. My tap water has a very high TA and the pool is around 8500 gallons. Pool is...