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  1. JillKC

    Hot tub chlorine test using DPD.

    We have a small 350gal hot tub. Using the frog floater for chlorine and BB for TA /pH. When I check chlorine using the FT-100 kit, the water typically stays red or goes clear for less than a minute and returns to red. It reads low to normal when using R-0600. A test strip appears normal. Is...
  2. JillKC

    Started soon to add more chlorine

    First time slaming. A bit confused. Been reading 0 FC for days. CYA is 40. Started slam process this evening with 2G of bleach (12.5%). Waited an hour and just tested. FC is only 6. CC is .5. I was supposed to get to 16 FC. Do I add more bleach tonight or wait to see what the FC is in the AM?
  3. JillKC

    Rookie trying to figure out chemisty.

    Maybe I used the test kit wrong but my results yesterday were: FC - 10 CC - 11 CYA - 39 TA - 110 PH - 7.5 Based on the pool store test the day prior, I had added 2 bags (2#) of shock. There test gave the following results: FC was 1.9 TC - 2.7 CYA - 70 TA - 84 PH - 7.6 Could the shock have...
  4. JillKC

    Hi from a rookie in Western NY.

    Just had a new AG pool installed this week. Plugging in the filter & doing the first water test in the AM. Psyched, but a bit overwhelmed by all the mechanics & chemistry. Looking forward to learning on this site.