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  1. Rich807

    TFP FC Levels & Cartridge Filter Degradation?

    Changed out my Pentair OEM cartridge filters today for my 2nd set. Pentair ones were in the housing filtering water from Mar ‘21 to today. The ends of the Pentair filters are disintegrating already as seen in the photo & that’s nuts to me. They came with the pool which was built mid June 2020...
  2. Rich807

    Hi Calcium Areas & SWGs?

    Make any sense to have a SWG in a areas such mine where we get our water out of the colorado river? I don't really see a good way in my personal circumstance to get soft water piped into my auto fill circuit so I'm wondering if a SWG is really a fit or not. I kinda wanted to go to a SWG but if...
  3. Rich807

    Can't Digest the Prices on Outdoor BBQ Islands

    Is it just a supply/demand thing? I can see spending $1k-$2.5k on grilling equipment but the rest of the price tags on these things are asinine IMO. We really want a U-Shaped setup (or maybe just an L-shape if has to be) & that would completely round out of backyard pool deck area but I just...
  4. Rich807

    Brand new Pentair SI - Cleans Wet Deck & Shelf Seating

    Since a lot of old threads have OP’s asking if any robot will navigate & clean step/wet or sun deck areas I can offer the following initial report: With my pool out of the box it’s climbing over essentially 2 steps to get on my wet deck & then runs around cleaning the floor & wall tiles in that...
  5. Rich807

    Hasa 'Liquidator' (Liquid Feeder)

    Anyone have info on this effort by Hasa? Could it be a viable option to running a SWG setup? Hasa Liquid Feeder Info Sheet
  6. Rich807

    Leslie’s Showing my CYA going up & up

    Only been using KemTech liquid or the liquid stuff in the pic that I bought at a local Leslie’s for a while now. For giggles, I’ve gotten my water tested at a Leslie’s 3 times during the last month and a half or so. Each test they show my CYA has been going higher (about 10 points higher each...
  7. Rich807

    Luck with Solar Cover Warranty Claim?

    Purchased a standard blue bubble solar blanket from nearby Leslies last summer & I can already tell it’s likely not going to make it much beyond the 1-yr point. The cover was off all winter (on a reel) but just 1 partial summer took a toll on it. The sun is brutal in my AO. Supposed to have a...
  8. Rich807

    Time of Year to Buy a SWG Matter?

    Thinking about adding a SWG to my setup but it's not a 'need' per se. Do prices fluctuate by season? i.e. does it matter what time of year a person pulls the trigger on one? Guessing I might should be thinking of going with a Pentair SWG since all my equipment is Pentair? Thanks!
  9. Rich807

    Minimum VSP Flow or RPM Setting for Pentair Master Temp 400 Heater

    Ok, I've searched the site & googled but I can't seem to find what the minimum speed for the heater to say running is (either a GPM min or RPM min). Seen lots of threads / discussions about whether faster flow is better than slower flow but that's not really what I'm wondering today. Air...
  10. Rich807

    Best Time of Day Pump Run Times?

    Hey all. Been doing tons of reading (both here @ TFP & on the interwebs in general) on when the best time to run a pump generally is. Very confusing as the results of my searching seems to be consistently revealing polar opposite & often direct contradictory, day/night/combo day-night...