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  1. dclynds

    Anhydrous Citric Acid - Rust-Oleum Concrete Etch

    Hello TFPers, I recently re-finished a concrete floor with a Rust-Oleum epoxy kit and it came with two 1-lb. bags of anhydrous citric acid for etching the concrete. Do you think I could use this product in lieu of ascorbic acid for removing metal stains? If so, would 2-lbs. be enough to treat...
  2. dclynds

    Help With Sequestering Agent

    Hello TFPers, Can someone help me outright or point me to a guide on which Sequestering agent to use for which metal problem with respect to pool finish? I need to do an ascorbic acid treatment to get rid of some pale-brownish stains that are cropping up in my pool (confirmed not algae) and I...
  3. dclynds

    48 hrs into SLAM and the yellow in my plaster isn't disappearing

    Hi all. I started a SLAM 48+ hours ago because I noticed what I thought was yellow colored algae in various spots around the pool. It doesn't seem to be disappearing and I can't rub it away with my finger with vigorous scrubbing so could these spots be some sort of stain in the plaster? And if...
  4. dclynds

    Question about how much DE to add

    Good day everyone. I cleaned my filter today (Pentair FNS 48 sqft) and recharged my filter with approx 7.5 lbs DE according to the chart on the DE box and not the 4.8 lbs directed by the label on my filter itself. Whoops. I added 11 scoops of DE using a blue DE scoop. I calibrated it before as...
  5. dclynds

    How can I test bleach for myself to confirm the concentration of Sodium Hypochlorite?

    In the absence of my standard go-to 6% bleach at aldi, I went to Pinch A Penny Pool Supply and got a 2.5 gallon jug of supposedly 10.5% Sodium Hypochlorite. I am skeptical of that 10.5% concentration. Yesterday, my FC was 4.0 pp. , so I added 40 oz yesterday which should have bumped FC up by 2...
  6. dclynds

    Pool Math App: comments and question

    Please advise if this post should go under a different forum section. My comments and question are related to the Pool Math app that I purchased last month. I had been using Pool Pal for years and absolutely loved it. I could log test results, chem additions, filter pressure, and free hand...
  7. dclynds

    My Timer Is Not Turning On

    Hi All, My Intermatic pool timer is not automatically turning on. I ordered a set of replacement trips and tried both the green and silver ones, but that didn't do anything. The timer itself works properly and the "OFF" trip is still working, but until I can fix the issue, I have to start my...
  8. dclynds

    Polaris 9550 Sport Troubleshooting Help

    My Polaris 9550 sport has not worked properly for about 9 months now. It starts a cleaning cycle ok, but after one or two times of climbing the wall, reversing down, and turning to start another forward swath, it stalls out for about 5 seconds, then starts driving backwards until it goes up the...
  9. dclynds

    Issue with Polaris Sport 9550

    Hi all. My Polaris Sport 9550 has been doing a very irritating thing lately where it starts going up the side of my pool wall in reverse and ends up flipping and landing upside down. Sometimes it rights itself, sometimes it doesn't. The past few mornings I have gone out only to see the pool...
  10. dclynds

    First SLAM, Need Advice

    Hi All, I stupidly let my FC drop to 0 last week and am paying for it now due to the appearance of yellow algae on the walls. :oops: On Saturday morning, I started the SLAM process for CYA 30 targeting 18.5 PPM FC (mustard algae level) at least twice a day. The OCLT from Sunday night into...
  11. dclynds

    Tension Control Clamp Bolt Stripped!

    In tightening my tension control clamp after cleaning my filter, the bolt stripped and now it is no good. Question is do I need to replace the whole clamp to the tune of $140 or can I somehow replace just the bolt and nut? Thanks
  12. dclynds

    Changed out DE filter grids, now seeing sand in pool

    I replaced my DE grids 2 weeks ago and recharged with 10 scoops DE (48 sqft). Been noticing some sandy material on the steps near one of the returns ever since. Just now drained the filter and checked it again and it looks like I installed it correctly, but I notice what seems like beach sand on...
  13. dclynds

    Will you please look at these pics of my filter grids and advise?

    Hi guys. I have a Pentair FNSP 48 filter and ended up ordering a new set of grids after I popped the lid today to clean my current set. Noticed not only weird stains but one grid had a hole which was causing DE to flow into my pool. Q1: Does the top look normal after removing the lid what with...
  14. dclynds

    TA creeping down, CH creeping up

    Hi All, I had my pool replastered on 4/15 and finished the break-in period on 5/15. Using the Taylor K-2006 test kit, I got my water balanced within 3-4 days of the pool being refilled and my water has been looking great ever since. However, over the past week, the TA has been fading from its...
  15. dclynds

    Organic Spots/Stains

    Hi folks, I have these stains from stuff falling from tree above. The plaster is 9 days old. Brushed twice a day for first 4 days, then once a day since. Water has been balanced since day 4, yet spots remain. I know I'm not supposed to shock for a while, but not sure if that would fix it...
  16. dclynds

    Filter pressure decreasing

    Hi folks, Just starting day 2 of new plaster startup. I had to backwash and recharge my DE filter 3 times yesterday due to 10 psi increases each time. The last time I backwashed was approx 12 hrs ago. Funny thing is that the pressure has actually gone down 2 psi since that last backwash (17 psi...
  17. dclynds

    Hi, Where (which forum) do I post questions related to New Plaster Startup?

    Hi Folks, I read Pool School - Start-up New Plaster, but I have additional questions. Which is the correct forum in TFP to post my questions related to this? Thanks, Daniel
  18. dclynds

    Buying Diatomaceous Earth, Muriatic Acid, and Calcium Chloride

    I found a 50lb bag of DE for $50 online from but it is listed as food grade. Is that a good price and is food grade ok for the pool filter? Next, I can order a 50lb bag of calcium chloride marketed as Snow Joe Ice Melt from Home Depot for $15, but it looks like the...
  19. dclynds

    Orientation of Return Jets

    What should be the orientation be of my return jet fittings? I have 4 return jets with 3/4" eyes, a waterfall, and 2 skimmers. Waterfall and return jets are both full open at all times. Main drain does not work. Thanks
  20. dclynds

    Brown Stain on Top Step and Gray-ish Stains Elsewhere

    I've lived in this house with this pool for 2.5 years, but the house is 30 years old, so I assume the pool is also. Not sure when it was last re-plastered, but it's been a long time for sure (I also doubt it's ever been re-tiled, but that's for another discussion). Anyway, there are some very...
  21. dclynds

    Water Balance Advice For My Situation

    Hi All, I've never posted about my water test results before, but the pH is starting to drift higher and the TA is drifting lower. I haven't used chlorine tabs in almost 3 weeks as I've been reducing chlorine and CYA levels ever since firing the pool man. All I've been using after an initial...
  22. dclynds

    Pool Light Not Working, GFCI Tripped

    Hi All, I noticed a few months ago when I went to plug in my cell phone to the GFCI outlet below the pool light switch, that the GFCI was tripped and would not reset. So I gave the pool light switch a try and, sure enough, the light does not turn on either. What is the order of operations to...
  23. dclynds

    What does the KW stand for on my pool pump label?

    What does the KW stand for on my pool pump label? I thought it may stand for kilowatt, but the proper way of displaying the abbreviation for kilowatt is kW, not KW. Also, when I manually calculate power based on the voltage (115) and amperage (18.6), I get 2.14 kW, not 1.1 kW. I'm trying to...
  24. dclynds

    Leslie's Polaris Days Sale

    Does anyone know what kind of discounts Leslie's has offered during their Polaris Days sale in years past? I want to buy either a Polaris P945 (aka 9450) or a Polaris P955 Sport (aka 9550 Sport). The P945 sells for $1200 in Leslie's for $1066 on Amazon while the P955 sells for $1400 in Leslie's...
  25. dclynds

    First time I cleaned my filter by myself, it looked like this...Is this normal?

    This is what my filter looked like when I cleaned it myself for my first time on 2/27/16. Is this how a dirty filter is supposed to look?
  26. dclynds

    Why do each of my skimmers have an extra port?

    I have two skimmers, one on the west side and one on the east side of the pool. Each of them have two holes at the bottom, but the skimmer on the east side has the 2nd port plugged off with some kind of cap. The west skimmer's 2nd port is not plugged off, but doesn't seem to serve any function...
  27. dclynds

    Looking to make first ever purchase of robotic cleaner

    Hi folks. This is my first post here. I just severed ties with my pool guy yesterday after 2.5 yrs. I am going to take care of my pool myself from now on. I want to purchase a robotic cleaner since the live oak shading my pool is always dropping little sticks and leaves and dirt in the pool...