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  1. Neworldjef

    Ascorbic Acid Treatment Issue

    Hi All, I had some staining and used a vitamin C tab to test and it came right off. So, I read all the articles here about ascorbic acid treatments of stains and followed closely. Worked so fast and amazingly well. Really impressive. I kept PH at 7.2 and slowly raised chlorine over a couple...
  2. Neworldjef

    Why 4-6 ppm FC for SWG?

    Hi All, Been part of TFP for years and have a good degree of mastery of chemistry. I'm wondering the rationale for recommending 4-6 ppm for a pool with SWG? It definitely seems to take color out of my liner quicker than when I kept levels of FC at 1-3 ppm. Wondering the reasoning so I can...
  3. Neworldjef

    Quality Diving Board Retailer

    Hi All! Anyone have a diving board retailer they really liked? Quality boards and fair pricing? Thanks! Jeff
  4. Neworldjef

    High PH - low Alkalinity -- SWG

    Hi All, I've been smooth sailing for some time and am now in a tricky spot with my SWG. TA has been hovering around 50/55. not too bad but a bit lower than I'd like. PH hovering around 7.8. not too high but near the top of range. Yesterday PH went to about 8.0 and I used Leslies Dry Acid to...
  5. Neworldjef

    Liner Lock failing - need a solution

    Hi All, I've posted before about this but still no solution. My liner is three years old and all liner lock was replaced at that time. Liner lock pops regularly around pool in several spots, especially where pool curves outward. My pool is 16 years old and I wonder if the track itself (into...
  6. Neworldjef

    Liner out of track

    Hi All - my liner lock keeps coming out. 20'x40' in ground and replacement liner is 3 years old. Liner itself stays in all season even when liner lock pops out but over the winter (pool is closed from Oct-May) I get liner lock pops and some liner too. With my last liner (original) I knocked some...
  7. Neworldjef

    Mud stain - vinyl liner

    Hi All: I recently had some renovation work done and my pool had to be pumped out into holding pools. While the work was being done in the deep end a bit of water leaked into the shallow end from the steps. The water was reddish brown presumably from the ground water under the liner and behind...
  8. Neworldjef

    Is it possible to remove and then replace the SAME liner???

    Hi All: I have gotten a great deal of good information from the posts here and this is my first question. Thanks for all the hlep along the way and for whatever information you have for me now. I'll try to be brief but it is a bit complicated and requires some background I used the pool...