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    Pool equipment advice (was: Yet another SVRS post)

    Personally I think without the over dig you would've been good to go and no retaining wall needed but the over dig changes the perspective of what if.....there would have been enough undisturbed earth to call it good.
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    Please help this newbie

    Get a pump like THIS or even THIS and before you blink your eye it'll be empty.
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    Please help this newbie

    I say do a purge get rid of the water completely making sure nothing of the old is left. Refill and stick with chlorine as many more members will be willing to add their 2 cents. Bromine isn't a hot topic on TFP with hot tubs here.
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    Need to raise PH and then lower TA

    As Marty said it your FC is too low. Target for 50 CYA is an FC of 6-8.
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    First time closing pool myself

    In your location I'd say nothing to add till the weather reverses in early spring. Shortly it'll be frozen and nothing is changing so don't waste any more effort on it.
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    True minimum chlorine needed in residential pools.

    Is your 1 ppm before or after bather load? If it's before then by the time you blink an eye there's zero chlorine as soon as bathers get in. If it's after bather load how did you figure out to maintain 1 ppm while pool is being used. I can't see your pool being a heated environment. As little...
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    Part found in spillover spa

    There are two other parts belonging to this assembly. A back part which is most likely stuck on the return pipe end and the aforementioned ring.
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    18x36 Inground pool build in Maryland

    And a lot safer. I've see insurance premiums sore just because of diving boards vs not having one.
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    18x36 Inground pool build in Maryland

    Because they want the sun deck at a certain height and the bench a bit lower so more of you is under the water for the bench. I think it's a great idea.
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    Skimmer and return

    Can we assume the main drain has its own home run to the equipment pad and the same goes for the skimmers each with a home run to the pad. Skimmers and MD need to be minimum 2" pvc all the way to the pad.
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    New build/ Plumbing pipe sticking out.

    I would also recommend sewer clean outs before the pool and one between the last two 90's on the other side of the pool which come up to ground level with a threaded cap. Incase you have sewer problems you can snake it first from those outside spots before going from in the house.
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    New Owner Build - Winter Garden

    I'd step it up on the filter if you have room for larger
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    18x36 Inground pool build in Maryland

    If the tractor is still there you can request heavy steel plates to line the driveway so the weight gets distributed
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    New build/ Plumbing pipe sticking out.

    From the picture the pitch of the pipe looks pretty good but now they have to use that pitch with long 90's and more pipe and still meet up on the other side. A tricky one for sure, hopefully it can be achieved without too much trouble. Need a real expert for sure as not much room for error...
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    First pool Tampa area - week 33 of an 11 week build

    That is your bonding wire which is connected in many places around your pool even on the far side. Eventually the bond wire ties in at the equipment pad so all the equipment and the pool are bonded together. You can just dig a bit and push it under the earth and call it done.
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    Keep pool from freezing in Zone 5 and use hot tub for 'Scandinavian spa"

    I'm not sure it's as easy as you describe. Your pool pad needs to be enclosed and the heater will need to vented through the structure. The spa isn't insulated and neither is the pool. It'll be very difficult to keep the shallow pipes from losing the heat it brings from the heat source.i think...
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    New build/ Plumbing pipe sticking out.

    Best would have been to reroute when the hole was dug. Still never too late. To me this is a pain in the azz to work with while the form and rebar is being worked on but I guess they thought otherwise. They will cut and reconnect going around the shell and just use the proper materials to close...
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    Ideal plumbing for spa jets and jet pump?

    I'm not sure the spa will benefit much from the heat pump and may take very long to bring up temps to the desired setting. You may need a LP or NG heater for that.
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    How much water do you lose in north Florida around this time of year

    I think you're confusing the bucket test for water loss in the pool during to a suspected leak then you'd put the bucket onto the step and fill to line up with the water level on the outside of the bucket. If after x time like overnight there's a big difference it might be a sign of water loss...
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    Hayward Tristar VS 950 Pump Really Loud

    Can we see pictures of the pad install maybe something off with the piping creating more noise then necessary.
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    Skimmer and return

    Plan the positioning of the skimmers according to prevailing wind direction of your spot. You don't want debris floating to the opposite side of the skimmers.
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    Hayward Tristar VS 950 Pump Really Loud

    I have to say there's something very wrong. If your non vs pump was quiet enough then the vs has to beat it or be the same but it can't be noisier the a single speed. Vs pumps overall are barely noticeable. Whining can be a bearing issue but to me that's unacceptable period.
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    Water is full, took 3 days. Brush…brush…brush so far we Love the Finish/Color!!!

    Yeh, the way the valve is in the current mode you'd be basically deadheading the pump so make sure it can't get turned on the way it is now.
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    Water is full, took 3 days. Brush…brush…brush so far we Love the Finish/Color!!!

    Red dot of handle to A dec jets off Red dot of handle to B both work Red dot of handle to C all off Red dot of handle to D bubblers off
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    Water is full, took 3 days. Brush…brush…brush so far we Love the Finish/Color!!!

    Sure you can. If you want only the deck jets then lock off the bubbler and vice-versa.
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    Research on Chlorine and cancer????

    I happened to be in a small take out some years back and they were taking lessons on how to keep cutting boards, knives and the like sanitary without ever leaving a trace that will make people sick. I was intrigued to say the least and love to learn..... the guy took straight beach not alot and...
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    Suction Side Pool Cleaner

    Most cleaners have it robotic or suction just get the job done after x amount of time running. Do they hit every spot every time NO but if used regularly the pool will be spotless if all else is in perfect balance.
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    Jandy JXi 400 - Igniter Problems

    I would imagine it's probably staying energized which it isn't supposed to possibly being caused by a faulty fenwall.
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    Should I clean pool cover before putting back on after SLAMing?

    What I believe the manufacturer is concerned about is notion of chlorine when it's not in balance with CYA and yes it will be harsh even at 2 ppm to skin, liners, covers and all that it's in contact with but, FC in ratio with proper CYA won't be harsh even up to slam level. So my take is keep it...