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    Shop vac return lines through jandy handle?

    This is going to be the first year I don't lower the water all the way below the spa return lines when closing. That took days last year to lower the water and I'd really prefer not to drain that much. So, I'm going to attempt to blow out the spa return lines and plug them underwater...
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    Pool Cover cleaning and folding

    I opened my pool about a month ago (first time by myself) and stupidly just pulled the cover off to the side of the pool without cleaning it or folding it. Now I'm kind of stuck. I need some ideas on how to both clean and fold it. As far as cleaning goes, I assume I'm going to have to put...
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    Yet another SLAM question

    About to start my pool opening SLAM. Question on the CYA, PH, and FC. Haven't done an initial test, but I'd bet my life the CYA and PH will be low. Once I put in the recommended out of stabilizer and baking soda, do I instantly start using liquid chlorine at the same time? Or do I wait for...
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    DE Stainless Steel Filter clamps leaking

    Attempting to open the pool the first time by myself this year. I think I've got everything working so far except for 1 major problem. I have a old (likely extremely old) Nautilus Stainless Steel DE Filter and I can't get the clamps around the middle of the filter right. Water starts shooting...
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    Propane tank handle won't close

    First time I'm trying to close the pool myself. I'm attempting to shut off the propane tank for the spa heater. The handle will not budge. And now that I think about it, I've tried to tighten/loosen that handle myself in previous years with no luck. Is there some sort of easy trick to...
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    Air Lock Return Jets on Inground Spa?

    Potentially attempting to close the pool for the first time myself this year. In previous years, my pool guy lowered the water about 6" below the tiles, which is definitely not low enough to go below the inground spa return jets. So, my question is, do I blow them out and plug each one? Or do...
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    Beginner question about blowing out return lines

    I'm pondering attempting to close the pool myself for the first time this year. Been reading in this forum and watching lots of youtube videos. I have A LOT of questions. But, I'll start with this. Below is my setup. Seems relatively normal. Intakes are on the right of the picture, returns...
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    Clorox performance bleach

    Apologies in advance for posting the 1 million thread about concentrated bleach, but I’m a newbie and I didn’t see this exact question asked anywhere. I bought the 3 pack of Clorox Performance Bleach (121oz each) for $14. It says 7.55% Sodium Hypochlorite. Following the directions of 1/3 cup...
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    Filter returns debris back into pool

    My pool filter shoots debris back into the pool. For the most part, it’s small pine needles. I’ll post a picture of the spa, you can kind of see them sitting on the bottom. The occasional small bug comes out of the return too, but it’s mostly the pine needles. Where do I start?
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    CYA granules sitting in deep end of plaster pool

    Should I panic? I screwed up when I put the CYA granules in. I dumped 6lbs of the powder in my 22k gallon plaster pool which had zero CYA. I realize now that I should have used the sock method. All the granules are now sitting on the floor in the deep end. Do I need to vacuum ASAP? I’ve...