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    lowering water level question

    I know I'm overthinking this but here goes. I'm having someone close the pool but I'll manage my own chemicals. Pool is schedule to close on 10/25 so a little less than 2 weeks. According to Loop-Loc, my water needs to be 15-18" below the top of the pool. Base on that, I need to lower another...
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    I finally got a weir door!

    I'm way too excited about this but I finally got a weir door and installed it. Just after I drained my water level to be below the skimmer so I can't even use it. Clearly did not think that through but at least it's in and ready for next season, right?
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    Preparing for pump to die

    Our pool pump is old. It's still running ok but making some ugly noises and I'm preparing for the day it dies (pictures included). There's no indication it won't last through this season but who knows what opening in the spring will bring. I'd like to start researching replacement pumps so I'm...
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    waste port to garden hose?

    I have a Hayward sand filter with a waste/backwash spout on the top at the side. Currently to drain or backwash, we have a piece of 6' PVC pipe that we set around that spout. Problem is that the water always goes to the same spot because neither the spout/port or the PVC are flexible and it's...
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    WalMart liquid chlorine

    Hey everyone, I was just in my local Walmart and they are starting to set up Halloween stuff which means they will be pulling pool supplies down soon. The one employee said Halloween goes up this week and Christmas starts going up in 2 weeks. If you need chlorine from Walmart, try and stock up...
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    vacation question

    We leave Friday afternoon for 10 days but I'm concerned about the pool just over this weekend. My mother is coming down to dog-sit Friday night through Sunday night but she won't do anything with the pool (long story). I'll take care of it as best I can Friday - run the pump, backwash the...
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    Can anyone tell me what this is please?

    It's been hanging on the fence since we bought the house, assuming it's pool related since the vacuum and skimmer poles hang on the same hooks but have no clue what it goes to. It's at least 15' long.
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    Vinyl liner coming out of coping

    Not sure this goes here but how do I fix this? I've read that people have been able to push/pull this back in themselves but there's not enough space between the liner the wall to get your hand in your there unless I pull the liner out even more. Plus I don't have the hand strength to do that...
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    TFP evidence!

    We had friends over today for the first swim of the season. One of the kids lost an earring - a tiny, 7 year old girl size, rainbow earring. Well, thanks to my TFP, we were able to find it in the deep end, 8 feet down by the main drain. You could see it standing on the pool deck. And the kid...
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    Chlorine smell in car from leaking jug

    I bought some pool essential at Lowe's this morning and one of the jugs leaked in my trunk. I cleaned it as best I could but will I ever get the smell out? Or is my trunk destined to smell like a public pool forever now?
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    Hayward Max-Flo pump Housing gasket replacement

    We fired up the pump this weekend and we have a leak. It looks like the housing gasket is really worn. I'm trying to find a replacement part but our pump is rather old and I'm having trouble finding a replacement. Our local pool store says they don't have it in stock. The pump is a Hayward...
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    After-market pool lights for inground pool

    Our inground pool was not built with any lights and I'm wondering if there are options that do not involve the traditional light installation. I've seen suction cup, battery powered ones but I'm wondering how well they stick and if they actually emit any sort of useful light or if it's more...
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    Closing questions

    Since we are new to pools, we are having a pool company close the pool this year but I said no to their chemicals and I'll handle that myself. Question 1: I've read the articles about raising to SLAM level and then adding Polyquat. But on these, it says the filter has to run 12-24 hours for...
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    Next question on Active 20

    I replaced the power cable in hopes that it would revive our robot. But that doesn't seem to be the solution. In the water, it turns on, the blue sensor light comes on, and it moves for maybe 10 seconds then just dies. The sensor light doesn't come back on and it just sits there. Any thoughts on...
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    Now it's my turn at the pool!

    We were new pool owners as of April 2020 - bought a house with a 24K gallon in-ground pool and neither of us have ever had or maintained a pool before. The hubs did most of the pool maintenance and we did ok using tablets and guess strips (I know, I know). We made our way through some mechanical...
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    Dolphin Active 20 cord issue

    I'm sorry if this has been asked before but I wasn't able to find anything. Does anyone have a solution for the twisting and curling cord on a Maytronics Active 20? After every use, I untangle and uncurl the cord, lay it long and flat in the sun to try but the minute it hits the water again...
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    Dolphin Active 20 pool robot bluetooth

    Hi, We have the Maytronics Dolphin Active 20 pool robot and I'm trying to figure out if it is bluetooth compatible and if so, what that does? On the control box/power supply, it has a bluetooth light. It will show as a device in my phone and attempt to pair but I cannot find the PIN - I don't...
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    Air bubbles in only one return jet

    We're noticing that when we have the skimmer turned on, we're getting air bubbles in only one of the 2 jets. If we turn on just the main drain, we get no air bubbles. Also, our skimmer does not have a door (weir?). Should it? I also noticed there's a vortex in the skimmer when I lift the lid. Is...
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    New to pool ownership

    Hello! We're brand new to owning a pool as of about 6 weeks ago when we bought a house with a 24,000 gallon pool. Neither my husband nor I have ever had a pool or maintained a pool. I'm definitely learning a lot from this site and I think we've come a long way with getting our pool clear from...
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    chlorine tabs or liquid chlorine

    New to the posts but I have been reading a lot of articles and posts here that have been so helpful. We are brand new pool owners as of 6 weeks ago, as we bought a house with an in-ground pool. We know zero about pools and had no idea what the white cylinder attached to the filter was. I thought...