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  1. mjbarr99

    Power Washer Soap & Chemical Balance

    I want to clean my pool deck with my power washer using the soap that came with it. Most of the water will end up on my automatic pool cover but will also go into the pool. How much do you think this will affect the chemical balance in the pool? I plan on opening the pool after I have cleaned...
  2. mjbarr99

    Cartridge Filter Closing Question

    I have an automatic cover so I can't drain the water below the skimmer or returns. This will be my first time closing with a Cyclone and I have a modified pump cover so I will be blowing out the lines from the equipment pad. I have a cartridge filter so do I need to drain it before I begin...
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  4. mjbarr99

    SWG Wiring Help

    Allen, so I would wire nut the white wire from the RJ45+ to the other white wires? I included another pic to try to clarify
  5. mjbarr99

    SWG Wiring Help

    I will be using my existing Intermatic ET1725C which was used for my Stenner pump for wiring my RJ45+ SWG. My Stenner was plugged into the top left outlet which was connected to term 3 and 4. I removed those wires that controlled the Stenner outlet so I could connect the SWG to those...
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  8. mjbarr99

    High CH

    But rise 200 ppm over the winter? It's been pretty steady since 2016. Something doesn't sound right.
  9. mjbarr99

    High CH

    I test my CH every few weeks during the season. I do add fill water due to evaporation and splash out. I just checked the CH of my fill water and it's 300. I received a refill kit for my TF-100 test kit a couple of weeks ago so my chemicals are fresh.
  10. mjbarr99

    High CH

    When I closed my pool last year these were my readings. (Since I have an automatic cover, I don't lower my water) pH - 7.6 Cl - 6 CH - 300 TA - 100 CYA - 30 I opened the pool today and am in the process of converting to a SWG from liquid bleach. These were my readings pH - 8.2 Cl - 5 CH - 500...
  11. mjbarr99

    Preparing Water for SWG

    I am converting from liquid chlorine to a SWG and need to get my CYA and salt up to the recommended levels. Can I add both CYA and salt at the same time or is it better to do them individually?
  12. mjbarr99

    Jandy CL580 Filters

    Where is a good place to buy replacement CL580 filters? Should I stick with OEM or are generic fine?
  13. mjbarr99

    SWG Bonding

    No corrosion but I would expect them to darken since they're exposed. My pool is 4 years old.
  14. mjbarr99

    SWG Bonding

    The control box has a bonding lug. I just wanted to make sure it was acceptable to have 3 separate bonding wires attached to the pool bonding wire.
  15. mjbarr99

    SWG Bonding

    My heater and pump are attached to the bond wire at this point and I wanted to make sure I could add the SWG bonding wire as well.
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  17. mjbarr99

    For stainless steel grill lovers

    Does it work well as a degreaser? I have a MAK 2-Star smoker that I have a hard time keeping clean. I've tried Weimann's SST cleaner, Bar Keepers Friend soft cleanser and MORE and none of those do a good job. I've also just tried Dawn dish soap and hot water but still I still have grease...
  18. mjbarr99

    Taking the Plunge - Need Plumbing Help

    Waterl0gged, I was going to check Wal-Mart and Home Depot for salt and CYA but was going to wait until next week. Definitely don't want to attempt going this weekend. :giggle:
  19. mjbarr99

    Taking the Plunge - Need Plumbing Help

    I had about 1180 ppm of salt when I closed the pool last year using AquaChek strips. :)
  20. mjbarr99

    Taking the Plunge - Need Plumbing Help

    Thanks for all the help. I ordered my RJ45+ and the vertical install kit yesterday from Discount Salt Pool. I could have bought the fittings at Home Depot but following our stay at home recommendations. Now I need to get more CYA in the pool, buy a K-1766 test kit and add about 300lbs of salt.
  21. mjbarr99

    Taking the Plunge - Need Plumbing Help

    Chris, Thanks for posting the picture. Due to the space constraints, I'm going to mount the flow switch and cell vertically. Does it matter if the flow switch is upstream or downstream from the cell?
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    Vertical Install.JPG

  23. mjbarr99

    Taking the Plunge - Need Plumbing Help

    Looking at converting from a Stenner pump to a SWG. I'm leaning towards the CircuPool RJ-30 (with $1 upgrade to RJ-45) but I'm not sure how to reroute my plumbing to accommodate the cell and the flow sensor. I noticed that CircuPool also sells a vertical install kit but I don't know if I have...
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  27. mjbarr99

    Automatic Pool Cover Won't Open

    Stick a large screwdriver where the dogs are located and push in while someone else turns the key to open the cover. This will help engage the gear. Hope this helps.
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  29. mjbarr99

    #8 vs #9 Winterizing Plug

    Which is a better fit for plugging the returns; #8 or #9? Both are for 1.5" pipe but the #9 is also for a 1.75" fitting. Is the plug supposed to fit flush with the pipe or stick out a bit once the return jet is removed?
  30. mjbarr99

    Wiring a Jandy JVA 2444

    I want to add a Jandy actuator to my suction side cleaner valve. I don't have any automation as my Hayward TriStar VS pump has a built in timer. However, I have an Intermatic ET1725 timer that controls two 120Vac outlets. My Stenner pump is plugged into one outlet and I would like to use to the...