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    Solid Vinyl Safety Pool Cover Cleaning

    I bought an Anchor Industries 5 Star solid safety cover, and I want to make sure it gets properly maintained before stowing it away in my basement. I don’t see any guidance on that in any articles for Pool School. Anyone have recommendations on a awesome vinyl pool cover cleaner? Should any...

    Should I clean the pool now or wait till Spring?

    The good news is those pictures appear to show winterization was done. If it was me I would drain the pool down just enough so you can see the returns to be sure they are plugged (if your pool is not frozen solid already). If they are not plugged or you loosen the plugs and pink anti-freeze does...

    Worried About Freezing Up Jet Pump

    In my Caldera Vanto's spa owners manual it states that in areas were temperatures can go below 10F with higher winds, the jet pump may partially freeze. It suggests installing a insulating kit to prevent this and improve energy efficiency. The manual says to remove this kit when temps reach...

    Maytronics Dolphin S300 Problem

    I called Maytronics today like you did kjdiver. I first took it to the local Dolphin dealer but he said since I didn't buy it there, he would only send it to Maytronics vs diagnose and get the parts. I decided to cut the middle man out since I could choose a cheaper shipping option. I will ship...

    Maytronics Dolphin S300 Problem

    I also have a email receipt from Marina Pool Spa and Patio, but I fear that Maytronics or the local dealer will try to say it was an internet purchase.

    Maytronics Dolphin S300 Problem

    My S300 only moves a little (a few seconds) and then just sits on the bottom. I pulled the impeller housing/cover to see if any debris was stuck in there. It was clear, but the impeller does not turn by hand or when powered. I bought it from Marina Pool Spa and Patio in July 2018. Since I...

    *Pump Replacement

    I am looking at adding a whole home surge protector for my main panel. My <1 yr old Pentair SuperFlo VS motor controller died last summer likely from a surge. The hookup is pretty simple (<10 min). A bonus is it protects your appliances and electronics throughout the home too. An Eaton unit is...
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    Spa Service Disconnect and Bonding

    I would say yes to bonding the siding. You are correct on the plugs for the entry ports. Mine had black plastic plugs on either side where the control panel and pump/heater access panel is located. I am thinking about putting some brass or stainless steel wool in the gap in the gap around the...
  10. DDGMAN

    Spa Service Disconnect and Bonding

    Not a certified electrician, but I did read up on code before recently wiring in my spa. Bonding is mostly an issue when you have a metal pole, fence, or metal structure within 5 feet of the water in your spa. Bonding is always a good idea as far as I know, so for the spa run 8 gauge bare...
  11. DDGMAN

    New Caldera Vanto

    Installation went smoothly (no damage) but they forgot my steps. It took a couple of days to run the power conduit. I only had to bring up TA and Ph slightly then shock. I really like having the cover lift and steps. The spa manual says to use a winter insulation kit when temps are below...
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  13. DDGMAN

    New Caldera Vanto

    I would do that, but they don't have a local seller and I get the tub today.
  14. DDGMAN

    New Caldera Vanto

    Today my new spa gets delivered. I picked up an unused floor model (perfect cosmetically) Caldera for $4700 with steps, cover lift, and spa startup kit. I plan to fill and wire it up today since our temps here in NE Ohio will dip below freezing tonight. I had a licensed electrician run a line...
  15. DDGMAN

    Vacation/Leaving hot tub

    A floater would be a good choice. Use one for a week before you leave at lowest temp setting to see how to maintain your FC level. Top it off before you leave. If you want more peace of mind, ask a neighbor or friend to check it with a test strip every few days then call you if it is out of...
  16. DDGMAN

    2019 Spring Opening

    Interesting to see how long it takes to go from dark green to blue. Mine has never been that bad. Very educational. Thanks for sharing.
  17. DDGMAN

    New House...First Pool = LOT’S of Questions!

    Welcome from one Buckeye to another. I am in NE Ohio. It is still somewhat early to open your pool here and you want to avoid allowing water into your return/suction lines (or removing antifreeze) until you are safe from a hard overnight freeze. This is more important for you with an above...
  18. DDGMAN

    New Safety Cover Time

    Which includes drilling holes in concrete for anchors
  19. DDGMAN

    New Safety Cover Time

    I believe it does
  20. DDGMAN

    New Safety Cover Time

    I should mention I have a 14x32 ft lazy L with steps on one end and a slide so it is a custom cover quote.
  21. DDGMAN

    New Safety Cover Time

    I am fed up with the cheaper vinyl cover and huge mess of smelly leaves, algae, and worms, as well as leaking water tubes full of stink water every spring. I have gotten a quote of $2100 for a Anchor Industries 5-Star solid cover with mesh drain panels. It has a 10 year warranty and it doesn't...
  22. DDGMAN

    Pentair Superflo VS Dead

    Unfortunately it was. If you keep it make sure you register it within the specified time frame. Even then if you bought it online it seems local dealers won't do work on it. I was able to get it fixed by replacing the whole electronics motor control enclosure I bought used on eBay. I plan to...
  23. DDGMAN

    Pentair Superflo VS Dead

    I installed a Superflow VS last spring I got on Doheny's on sale. Last week the pump was off and not showing power LED despite getting 120V to input L1 and L2. I think the electronic controller fried. The only Pentair Authorized repair shop in the area I could get to look at it said they...
  24. DDGMAN

    Is .5HP Enough?

    This is a great reference:
  25. DDGMAN

    Shock creating sediment

    Sediment could be dead algae or suspended solids from water despite your water appearing cleared up and balanced. Mine has done that before.
  26. DDGMAN

    Installing SWG but I need advice on fixing the electrical

    I bought a used Hayward AquaRite controller and new T-15 SWG cell. I recently added a big Hayward filter and Pentair Superflo VS pump. The previous homeowner had the original single speed pump connected via wall plug and a Christmas lights extension cord. I did the same temporarily until I...
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  30. DDGMAN

    11 Yr Old Maytronics Dolphin DX4 Motor Box Desiccant Bag Blew Up

    Thanks and good to know. :lovetfp: I don't see any corrosion on the circuit card (doesn't mean there isn't some damage I don't see), so hopefully I caught it early enough and don't spring a leak into the motor box now. I did add re-lube the seals before reassembly.