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    Whisperflo Pump won't prime

    Here's the jacuzzi pump I have. I went and re-tightened everything and after filling it (before it ran out) I got the top on and it actually pumped some water out but then stopped. I'm at a loss.
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    Jacuzzi Pump

    Here's my pump
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    Pool Equipment

    My pool equipment
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    Whisperflo Pump won't prime

    I'll get some pictures soon. When you say take it apart and redo everything, do you mean take the motor off the whisperflo or disassemble the impeller assembly and redo all of that?
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    Whisperflo Pump won't prime

    Hi Everyone! I had the WEP-6 motor on my waterfall pump short out so I replaced it with a Jacuzzi brand motor from Leslie's. I spent most of yesterday switching out the breaker on the pentair control panel and then connecting the electrical. I was scratching my head for hours until I realized...