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    It started out as a liner replacement and replacing the coping!

    Don't know if other have the issue - but I cannot see your pics - just a circle with a dash thru them.
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    New Pool in Leander, Texas - Gunite Done

    The hole on the tanning ledge - could be for an umbrella sleeve. Are you supposed to have one?
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    Pool house foundation footings poured

    Friends or relatives. My PB is related to the shotcrete owner and PB employees are related to other subs employees, etc.
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    Almost done…….

    I had asked, as what we are going with is called "Cascade Blend". It is darker than Ivory and lighter than Noche. I like yours, hope ours is similar to that!
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    Almost done…….

    What color are those called?
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    First pool Tampa area - week 33 of an 11 week build

    What finish and color is that?
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    Pool equipment install. SWG with Hayward on backorder

    Our equipment was installed last week, and electrical run. Yesterday and today is travertine coping. I guess I need to start a build thread and post the pics from along the way. Our equipment is Hayward, OmniPL, C4030 cartridge filter, TristarVS 950 pump. Left room on the pad for a future...
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    Looking for Black Grout

    Plaster is to be NPT Stonescapes Aqua Blue Mini: Builder is checking with SGM and also looking / checking elsewhere. -Tom
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    Looking for Black Grout

    Here is a picture from farther away - showing the dark gray grout color and a black grout color mockup. We don't want to see the lines if possible. -Tom
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    Looking for Black Grout

    We have dark blue NPT waterline tiles with a deco accent as well. We are looking for a black or very near black grout. I have found the following: Is this usable for a pool? Our pool builder normally uses SGM Security Polymer Grout - the...
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    Square hole in pool shell?

    I have two of those. Yes, weep holes to allow water from under the shell to migrate into the shell. The will either be filled completely shortly before plaster/pebble, or, they can install hydrostatic valves in each (or one) hole to allow water pressure under the shell to burp into the pool...
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    Is This Rebar OK for Gunite?

    Our shotcrete crew had to place the second light niche so they had to move a piece of rebar to install it. They also tweaked a piece of rebar where the umbrella sleeve was going to go. Ask the gunite crew to put that back into normal place for you. I know on ours, they also had to muck out...
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    Pool house foundation footings poured

    We added two driveway alarms that cover both sides of the house. We had specified NO build traffic on one side of the house (yard side) and that all entry was down the side driveway. It is nice to know when pool related workers are here - as we too get no notice so far. We did get notice for...
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    What is this pipe for?

    An autofill often looks like a skimmer lid, with the guts under the lid being similar to the workings in a toilet tank. Do you have an opening in your deck, similar to a skimmer lid, that is NOT a skimmer?
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    Build Progress South Georgia - Shotcrete! (Finally)

    We had groundwater too. About 2 hours after dig completion, I saw water starting to seep into the deep end (5' water depth - so about 6'+ dig depth. We had been running a pump every other day to keep it empty. In two days there would be 8-10" of water in the deep end - with the water level...
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    Build Progress South Georgia - Shotcrete! (Finally)

    Sorry to see that - I am in Atlanta so north of you - we got lucky - shotcrete was done Saturday 9/18. So we have a shotcrete tank being filled, and muddy ground all around it - water got within 2" of going over the bond beam into the tank. Out into the rain I went to dig a runoff trench to...
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    What is this pipe for?

    Auto fill? First - do you ever have to manually add water, if so, you are not using an autofill. I know my pool builder installs an autofill, but leaves it to the homeowner to get it connected to water. So that pipe, could be the water supply line for an autofill.
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    What is this pipe for?

    Unused autofill?
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    Natural rock waterfall leaking!

    We have a pondless waterfall in our back yard next to where the pool is being constructed. It runs 24x7x365. During the winter we never have to add water, during the hot Georgia summer, we may have to add water every two weeks to keep adequate levels in the underground chambers. Yo may be...
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    Planning to build an in-ground pool, which material should I go with?

    We were recently in the market for a pool. We were very interested in River Pools - and got a quote for installation of a 15x30 freeform pool. The cost for their install - in an apples to apples comparison to a local shotcrete builder, of a 16x30 freeform pool was more costly than the custom...
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    easytouch psl4 light control

    Convert an Easytouch Lite PSL4 Indoor Controller to an Easytouch 8 - that was found in a previous thread here on the forum: Pentair Automation Systems - Further Reading
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    New Pool North Texas

    What base was your travertine laid on? Gravel and sand or Concrete and sand or Concrete and mortar?