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  1. SorryImaNewb123

    Inground pool edging maintenance

    Hello Everyone, We have an inground pool and certain sections of the white edging (not sure if that the correct term) needs to have cracks repaired and fainted areas painted. I don't know what the best way to repair/fill in the cracks (or) what kind of paint I should be using. I found the site...
  2. SorryImaNewb123

    Cloud pool water, dirt or algae?

    Hello pool experts. For the last week or so our pool has been a cloudy, possibly from some hard rains we have had recently. I added some Clorox Clarifier/Flocculant yesterday ( and today things seemed to clear up pretty good as everything was now sitting on the pool...
  3. SorryImaNewb123

    Yellow Algae?

    Hello, I have what appears to be yellow algae forming at certain areas at the bottom of my pool. I just shocked my pool a couple of weeks ago with 14 pounds of 70% available chlorine shock as I had green algae forming on the floor previous to this! That did the job to remove the green algae and...