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  1. cnatra

    another robotic pool cleaner thread :)

    so my 14month old Pentair racer is broke and I've been wanting a robotic cleaner since we put the pool in last year I'm eyeing the Dolphin Z5 on sale at Epic Pool Supply (and it has good reviews on TFP) I'm having a hard time parting with the $$$$ but probably $250-ish to repair the Racer...
  2. cnatra

    pool cleaner stuck running backwards

    I have a Pentair Racer that's a little over a year old No problems until today when I noticed the cleaner is stuck running backwards Normally the wheels propel it forward for several minutes then for about 60seconds it will lift itself with the nozzles and float backwards then resume...
  3. cnatra

    Freeze protection ?

    So we're going to see some modest freezes starting tonight for a few days . I'm not worried about main pump & filter (I can just let that run I guess) BUT what about the separate pump & pipes I have for the waterfall ? I don't really want to run the waterfall pump so just open the filter...
  4. cnatra

    powdered CYA in the inline chlorinator ?

    Can I put powdered CYA in the inline chlorinator (I use a stenner pump & liquid chlorine) instead of using the sock method ?
  5. cnatra

    Help setting up new Stenner pump

    So I finally got a Stenner pump & tank from US Water Systems I got an 85MPHP40 , so it's a single head fixed 26-100psi pump (#7 tube , 1.67gph) & I sprung for the 30gal tank First off it fits a little tighter on my equipment pad than I expected ...... Should I be worried...
  6. cnatra

    liquid chlorine degradation

    I have done some forum searches on the subject & realize liquid sodium hypochlorite will degrade over time & at higher temperatures & sun exposure So having considered all that is it a...
  7. cnatra

    help me pick a Stenner pump

    I'm ready to finally get a Stenner pump & tank for chlorination I'm looking for recommendations on which pump to buy. I plan on using a 15gallon tank . Is this setup viable ? I'm not sure which pump this is ...
  8. cnatra

    Mustard Algae ??

    So with the wife & kids gone for over a week my OCD with the pool is kicking in & I've been concerned (after being out of town the previous 10days) that maybe some algae is trying to take hold in the pool here's a previous thread on what I had done after returning from vacation...
  9. cnatra

    slamming needed ?

    so since our pool was finished in late March I've been fairly diligent in sticking with the TFP method I was out of town for about 10 days & left the pool at FC 7.2 CC .2 PH 7.5 TA 110 CH 280 CYA 40 (June 28) My friend watching house/pool & swimming :) didn't make over as often as...
  10. cnatra

    muriatic acid prices ?

    so we have a bleach price thread , how about a MA price thread ? OR where's the best place to buy MA ? seems like $6-7 is the going rate around here & I'm adding it VERY often (BIG waterfall & spa spillover constantly raising PH ? :( ) :cheers:
  11. cnatra

    Ants in the pool ??

    Anyone ever experience ants in their pool ? I had all these guys in there a couple weeks ago then located a tiny hole between deck & rock waterfall where they were crawling out & then falling into the pool & I guess trying to nest in the waterfall. I sprayed that one spot with ant spray...
  12. cnatra

    adding muriatic acid ?

    So is the best way to add MA in front of a return into the pool ? I've been pouring it into the skimmer return , could that be problematic to the filter cartridges ? Thanks :D
  13. cnatra

    can stabilizer (CYA) stain plaster ?

    Can powdered or liquid CYA stain plaster ? Thanks
  14. cnatra

    CSI ?

    So what do I need to know about CSI & how to adjust it ?? FC 8.8 CC 0.0 PH 7.4 TA 150 CH 100 CYA 30 CSI is -.28 according to the pool math calculator Thx
  15. cnatra

    When to clean cartridge filter ?

    So the pool is almost 8 weeks old If I understand correctly I shouldn't need to clean the filter more than a couple times a year but should I go ahead & do any early clean of the filter cartridges just to get all the gunk out of there after the new construction ?
  16. cnatra

    Finally got a kit & tested the water

    well the Taylor 2006 arrived the other day & I finally learned how to use it tonight (youtube is great btw) FC 1.4 CC 1.0 PH 8+ TA 220 CH 80 CYA 0.0 :testkit: so i guess I need some : CYA , liquid chlorine , muriatic acid , & calcium chloride I've read up on everything so...
  17. cnatra

    CYA test

    So I got the Taylor K-2006 test kit & just did the CYA test After I added the R-0013 agent & shock the sample it never clouded up at all So safe to assume I need to ad CYA ? Thx
  18. cnatra

    Stenner pump for chlorine with a Pentair VS ?

    So I've been reading thread after thread about using liquid chlorine instead of pucks & that's definitely the way I want to go (decided against a SWCG because of all the stone in pool) (I've been wondering what would be worse CYA problems or salt problems with the natural stone) But I'm...
  19. cnatra

    4" floor returns ?

    does atone have some floor returns like this installed ?
  20. cnatra

    air in the pipes ??

    so over the last 36hrs I heated up the pool & the spa (in anticipation of a party today) & had the main pump running almost the entire time the main pump was at 2500-3000rpm , usually on the low side of that range I also had the heater running for probably at least 16hrs so after all the...
  21. cnatra

    slime on the pool cleaner hose ?!?

    so I'm getting slime on the pool cleaner hose I remember from years ago when I had a blue&white Polaris280 that was a bad sign (algae?) the hose with the Racer is dark grey so hard to tell what it is any thoughts ??
  22. cnatra

    Pentair EasyTouch help ?

    so is this the forum to ask for help with Pentair EasyTouch systems ?
  23. cnatra

    new pool in north Houston

    well we actually started this build the last week of January and today we're filling the pool after the acid wash of a Stonescapes mini pebble aqua blue finish I plan on finally uploading a series of pics off my phone showing the timeline of the build But first I'm looking for some...
  24. cnatra

    Hello from TX :)

    Well we're almost a month in on our pool build here on the north side of Houston It's an IG gunite pool with a Stonescapes mini pebble finish with a spa , about 24k gal Hopefully it will be done in a couple weeks if the weather cooperates This is actually our second pool , we had one (a...
  25. cnatra

    Pentair Racer ?

    Anyone have experience with the Pentair Kreepy Krauly Racer ? My PB listed a Polaris 280 in the quote & I was happy with that because I know that cleaner has been around about...