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  1. ksteber

    A Cool Little Invention I Made Today

    So all pool owners must add water throughout the season. That task usually requires you to run a hose and throw it in the pool. It's a pain in the butt. I developed a neat little contraption to make it much easier. 3/4" pvc pipe custom built to hang over the pool rail with a garden hose fitting...
  2. ksteber

    First Test Results of the 2021 Season

    Here are my first results for the season. Not too bad for just opening up last week.
  3. ksteber

    Hayward Tigershark Cleaner

    I have been searching for a robotic pool cleaner and I was all set on a Dolphin E10 until a friend of mine recommended the Hayward Tigershark cleaner. What are people's thoughts about using the Tigershark in an above ground or should I just stick with the Dolphin?
  4. ksteber

    CYA Usage

    My CYA went from 70 to 50 after several rain storms. Is it normal to have to add CYA during the season? Pardon me for the silly question but this is the first year with a pool and up to now my numbers have been pretty good according to TFP standards.
  5. ksteber

    Concerned I Have the Wrong Cell Size

    Just got my first pool and I am concerned that the T-3 cell I have is too small. My PB picked the cell size and I’m afraid it won’t produce enough chlorine to maintain my TFP desired/recommended level. Am I just overthinking this because I’m new to this or do I have a legit concern? I really...
  6. ksteber

    Need help with acid addition

    How much of this do I need to drop my pH to 7.4? I don’t know what to select on Pool Math to figure it out.
  7. ksteber

    Almost there....I think

    So here are my latest TF100 test results. I didn’t have the exact quantity of dry acid so I just added the 1 pound I had. Question is...if I want to target a 7.6pH should I drop it to 7.4 and let it rise naturally through splashing and aeration? Any other comments or advice about my numbers?
  8. ksteber

    TF100 Results are in! Survey says.......

    Test kit just came in and I anxiously did my first round of testing and made 1 addition to the water. Here is what I got and what I added, am I going in the right direction??
  9. ksteber

    Greetings from NEPA

    Been a member here for a little bit but never formally introduced myself. My name is Kevin and I am a Chemical Plant Operator here in Northeastern PA. I'm married and have a 14 year old daughter. We just had our 1st AGP installed and are now in the process of building a massive deck around it...
  10. ksteber

    Salt Level in a New Pool

    Just fired up our brand new pool yesterday at 4pm. Add 400 pounds of salt per the table in the Aqua Rite book and have been running the pump at full power. This morning the salt level shows 4000 ppm. I'm confused. We were like 27 pounds light on the salt and it still shows that high? Does it...
  11. ksteber

    Finally Pulled the Trigger

    After many years of contemplating getting a pool we finally pulled the trigger and signed our quote tonight! Here is a screen shot of what we are getting.